AllnicL-4000 (L-3000)Allnic L-4000 (L-3000) PreamplifierMy Allnic Preamp here for sale is an Allnic L-4000 that has the upgraded larger transformers to make it identical to the current L-3000 MK2. But because the faceplate does not say L-3000, I have it...4000.00

Allnic L-4000 (L-3000) Preamplifier [Expired]

no longer for sale

My Allnic Preamp here for sale is an Allnic L-4000 that has the upgraded larger transformers to make it identical to the current L-3000 MK2. But because the faceplate does not say L-3000, I have it at a discounted price. Buy this impeccably cared for unit and save a bunch of $2000.00! All the performance for a lower price. A new L-3000 MK2 today will set you back $13,900.00. Used ones typically go for around $6,000.00  

Following is a brief history regarding the name change of this model.

The L-4000 is the same as L-3000 MK2, the current model. There was an older version of the L-3000 with smaller transformers. When Allnic released a newer version with larger transformers, they re-named it L-4000. But because of model name confusion, they re-named it again to L-3000 MK2.  Get the performance of the Allnic L-3000 MK2 for $2000.00 less than you can actually buy a used L-3000 Mk2. By purchasing my L-4000 you are guaranteed to get the model with larger transformers and hence the improved performance.

To verify the name change fromL-3000 to L-4000 to L-3000 Mk2. please read below from the Dagogo review you can easily find online, and below that from the current North American distributor.


 From the Dagogo review:

I should take a moment at the start of this review to explain the name change of the Allnic preamp formerly known as the L4000. It is now called the L3000. According to David Beetles of Hammerton Audio, Allnic’s North America importer, the name change was to facilitate product price grouping and natural mating. Allnic now has three distinctive product lines, the 1500 series, the 3000 series and the ALIS series. ALIS (Allnic Laboratory Innovative Series) now includes the Direct Heated Triode Line Stage, Power Amp and Phono stage.

Design Goals and Description

The Allnic L-3000 is Allnic’s top-of-the-line linestage. It is a great looking and great sounding pure class A, no negative-feedback design. The workmanship of the front panel and chassis is as fine as any I have ever seen. Not only is it beautiful, but it is equally functional. Simply put, it is a joy to look at and use.

From the current North American distributor...   .
The newer transformers are larger.  With the upgrade they are visually the same size as L3000 MK2. The L4000 is automatically the newer version, in fact the number was purposefully changed to indicate it was newer and better than original L3000.

Later it was determined that customers were confused by number change they settled on L3000 MK2.  

This unit is still temporarily in my system in San Jose, so come by for a listen if you like!  .

Transformer coupled output REFERENCE LEVEL Linestage with XLR and RCA input and output. Remote control for selecting which input you want, volume, and muting. Dials on front indicate condition of tubes.  

Superb signal to noise ratio, runs cool and fantastic resolution and tonality.Just simply a superb design    
Allnic is short for 'all nickel' because the transformers are with 78% nickel core perma alloy. This makes ALLNIC head and shoulders above over designs because this is the best material to use, and thus an extremely wide bandwith with wonderful highs as well as rock solid low frequency.

It has a 41 SILVER stepped motorized remote controlled volume attenuator for precise volume and ease of operation

special features include patented gel cap dampening tube sockets which isolate micro phonics by eliminating external vibrations giving you the purist sound possible. 

The reviews have been uniformly terrific. Do a web search and read for yourself. This unit is in perfect condition. Original box. Manual included, and remote control
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