Tube Audio DesignHibachi-IITube Audio Design Hibachi-II 200w balanced mono block amps---PRICE REDUCED TO $575 OBO FOR QUICK SALE--- Pair of 2011 Tube Audio Design Hibachi-II 200W Balanced Mono Block Amplifiers The Hibachis a...575.00

Tube Audio Design Hibachi-II 200w balanced mono block amps [Expired]

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---PRICE REDUCED TO $575 OBO FOR QUICK SALE--- Pair of 2011 Tube Audio Design Hibachi-II 200W Balanced Mono Block Amplifiers The Hibachis are fantastic solid-state amps that run cool with warm sound and plenty of power for demanding speakers. These amps come with balanced XLR inputs, which involve adding a pair of ultra high quality audio input isolation transformers besides the XLR jacks. The cost to install XLR jacks with transformers is $349 for the pair. In order to use single ended inputs, just use an adapter. Each amp includes its own volume controls. Between Google and and Audio you can find plenty of reviews. Purchased in April 2011. Rated 8 out of 10 because of one imperfection along the top of the amp. It is pictured. Less than ½ inch. Otherwise, the finish is flawless. These have been tucked away in cabinet since purchase and used in a smoke-free environment. Amps do not include power cords. I had bought some of Paul's Jellyfish cords and like them enough to keep them for other applications. Offered at $650 OBO Please add 3% for Paypal. Buyer pays all shipping. I have all the original packaging which it was received in, for safe transport. Hibachi II amps are built with discrete transistors. A class A/B design with a twist - near zero feedback is finally achieved in a solid state design with sideline out of audio path DC nullification circuitry. This new feedback technology reveals recorded harmonic information like tubes. Each balanced pair stage is directly wired without coupling caps for outstanding perfect phase clarity. An enormous high current 8-pound hum free pure copper toroidal power transformer feeds an extra large filter cap bank to promote high speed bass current capability. Hibachi amps reveal ear pleasing tube amp 2nd order harmonic content other solid state amps by design can not play. 205 Watts with 4-Ohm speakers, 180W with 8-Ohm speakers. This powerhouse pair is made to deliver the best possible sound from speakers rated above 85db/1-Watt. 2-Ohm to 24-Ohm impedance, efficient horns to low impedance fluctuating electrostatic panels are a great match. Beautiful deep clear coat piano black enclosures have removable rubber isolation feet. Place on the floor near speakers or in your audio rack, horizontal or vertical. They run warm to the touch, make sure the cooling fins have access open air space - cranked up cooling fins will become hot to the touch but not sizzling hot. Have it all: Bass kicking solid state with live in the room high definition midrange imagery. A very satisfying ear pleasing pair of amps with a proven track record. Perhaps the best sounding pair of solid-state mono blocks you can buy.
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