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AYON / VAIC PSE 300b / Titan 61% Off, Monoblocks,save $13,500!!! [Expired]

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"The Worlds Largest International Online Retailer of Hi-End Audio".

>>>These amps received  rave reviews by Absolute Sound

>>> 60% Off Retail - SAVE OVER $13,000!!!

AYON (VAIC)  PSA 300B Tube Monoblock Amps (VAIC is the original business name for Ayon and still their actual name). This unit is similar to the current Ayon Titan Amps and comes with the EML 520b tubes which are around 3 yrs old and only have about 150hrs of use and generate 40wpc so there is plenty of life on them, nicely broken in you could say.

These are the original Vaic Reference mono blocks that later became the Ayon Titan. They are incredible amps - they are PSE and have flexibility to use a wide variety of 300b type tubes. They can use standard 300b all the way up to 62b's. thus you can dial in as much power as you need - all the way up to over 60 wpc if you use the 62b tubes. 

These amps have garnered the highest praise from the press and are comparable to Wavac and Kondo amps in terms of sonics and quality of construction. They are powerful! They were used them to bi-amp a pair of Apogee Full Range speakers. The sound was fantastic. These amps also come with the original NOS Vaic AV-8 tube as a driver. 6sn7 first stage and 5ug4 rectifier are the other tubes included. There are very few amps in the world that have this combination of sonics and power. 

NOTE - These are the later versions that have voltage regulation added to the circuit and newer Mundorf Mcaps. If your speakers are 85 db efficient or better these amps are perfect. Amps come with original factory crates. Amps are in pristine operating and functional condition. 

Original manual included and in excellent cosmetic and operational condition ... you will love this pair of silky smooth tube amps and yes we accept trades. Shipping in the Cont. USA will be $590 as each amp weighs over 165lbs in the crate (or you can arrange your own shipping or ship on your own account) and yes we ship worldwide.

Bank wire payment required for this item. All sales are final, no returns. Shipping on this item is $590 in the Cont USA. To place an order, please call us, we are open 7 days a week

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