Backert LabsRhumba 1.2Backert Labs Rhumba 1.2 tube preamp preamplifierDesigned and made in Pennsylvania. The new Rhumba 1.2 preamp from Backert Labs. A tubed line stage using radically new technology designed by amplification veteran Bob Backert. Two 12au7 tubes, ...3400.00

Backert Labs Rhumba 1.2 tube preamp preamplifier

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In blue.
Rhumba 1.2, in black with silver face plate.
Rhumba 1.2 in black, rear
Black faceplate on a black Rhumba 1.2
Rhumba 1.2 tube preamp, in black, silver face
In red.
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Designed and made in Pennsylvania. The new Rhumba 1.2 preamp from Backert Labs. A tubed line stage using radically new technology designed by amplification veteran Bob Backert. Two 12au7 tubes, a beautiful remote volume control, and 10dB of gain with just 75 ohms output impedance.

Dynamic, rhythmic, huge, clean and beautiful tubed sound, with sound quality far above its price.

The Rhumba 1.2 is an upgrade over the widely praised 1.1 in several ways:
1. Enhanced "all GreenForce" power supply delivers even more of the benefits of our patented one-of-a-kind power supply (dynamic accuracy, soundstage, and rhythm)
2. Improved power supply regulator, for better midrange resolution
3. New chassis construction and damping
4. More massive front plate
5. New Silk II circuit in gain stage and regulator for more open, natural and dynamic sound
6. Phase correct
7. Enhanced gold IEC inlet from Furutech
8. Enhanced circuit board: double the copper
9. Red/blue cover options

We invite you to compare the Rhumba 1.2 to other preamps, even above its price. One reviewer did (Terry London, of Home Theater Review) and reported that the Rhumba was equal to his $24,000 reference preamp and surpassed several others that he compared in the $7K - $20K range.

Here is Terry London on the Rhumba 1.2 -- Terry also reviewed the previous 1.1 generation:
"The new Rhumba 1.2 offered the following virtues: 1) Even more transparency, so micro-details in the music were more easily heard. 2) An overall "kick" and dynamics that added more aliveness to any music that passed through it. 3) A more refined/finished sound, without being analytical in any way. 4) The new chassis on the 1.2 is much more substantial and the finish on it is quite beautiful, my demo piece came in a gorgeous red color, and the 1.2 weighs about seven more pounds because of the new chassis and internal upgrades to the original 1.1.
The Rhumba 1.2 is almost "not there," like a great passive volume control, but with great slam/dynamics. I could easily hear the different flavors/colors/timbres from each great set of NOS 12AU7 tubes because of the very high level of transparency of this excellent line-stage. All this for just $400 more!"

Remote volume control.
Three RCA inputs, one XLR input.
Two RCA outputs, one XLR output.
REC OUT, and Home Theater bypass.
Mute switch.
Balance control.
Black faceplate is a no-cost option.
Red or blue color is $100 additional.

Full refund of your purchase price if you are not satisfied within 14 days.

Questions? You can write to us here. You'll hear back from our President, Andy Tebbe.

We are proud of what we have achieved with the the Rhumba 1.2. We can't wait for you to hear what it does for your system.

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