Backert LabsRhythm 1.1Backert Labs Rhythm 1.1 tube preamp SALEOur last units of the Rhythm 1.1 are on sale for $5,995, in light of the new $8,995 Rhythm 1.2. ******************************************************************************************** Design...5995.00

Backert Labs Rhythm 1.1 tube preamp SALE [Expired]

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Our last units of the Rhythm 1.1 are on sale for $5,995, in light of the new $8,995 Rhythm 1.2. ******************************************************************************************** Designed, machined and built entirely in Pennsylvania, the Rhythm 1.1 tube preamp is our flagship. Available in black or silver. The Rhythm is the only preamp in the world that: 1. Automatically and continually customizes tube bias, matching the exact needs of each pair of 12au7 tubes you insert and 2. Has a power supply run exclusively by teflon capacitors - we use VCap's These are world-firsts, thanks in part to the patented power supply that Bob Backert developed for this preamplifier, which is called GreenForce.(TM) The technical advances of the Rhythm 1.1 go well beyond what can be written here. The results: extremely live, high resolution, rhythmic, dynamic, natural sound. Compelling. When called for, exciting. Pure, liquid musicality. Ease-of-use enhanced by our handy tube access door on the top panel -- no more messing around with little screws. Bob Backert is an electronics veteran who has been working with amplifiers and preamps for decades. He brings all of his experience to this preamp. Reviews have been extremely positive: "You want this. Trust me -- you want it bad." -- New Record Day "The long and the short of it is that the Rhythm 1.1 is completely quiet, highly resolving, explosively dynamic, and sounds freakin’ amazing. I suppose you could say that I’m a fan." --Part Time Audiophile "Better able to clearly expose micro-details than any other preamplifier I have ever used." -- Home Theater Review "My findings could seem like a setup, because they mirror the company's claims so well. Yet the Rhythm 1.1 behaves *exactly* as its name and circuit descriptions predict." -- "One of the most tuneful and engaging preamps I have ever heard." -- Positive Feedback The Rhythm 1.1 is single-ended, with 5 RCA inputs and 2 RCA outputs. It has a REC OUT output, a balance control, mute switch, mono switch, and a lighted volume control knob for late-night listening sessions. Remote volume control is standard. The handy tube access door allows tube changes with no tools, no screws to get lost, just push the door open and your tubes are right there. And the protective tube enclosure inside the tube access door prevents young fingers from ever touching the circuit board. "Is this mecca for tube rollers, or what?" -- The Absolute Sound Full refund of your purchase price if you are not satisfied within 14 days. Questions? You can just write to us here. You'll hear back from our President, Andy Tebbe.
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