CarverSilver-7 700Carver Silver-7 700 New mono power amp-AWESOMEWe are now selling amps and speakers by the new Bob Carver Corp. Bob is hand building amps that offer amazing value. This ad is for his top of the line 700 watt Silver Seven 700 mono amp. Each amp ...32000.00

Carver Silver-7 700 New mono power amp-AWESOME [Expired]

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We are now selling amps and speakers by the new Bob Carver Corp.
Bob is hand building amps that offer amazing value. This ad is for his top of the line 700 watt Silver Seven 700 mono amp. Each amp will produce close to 1000 watts into 8 ohms and drive any speaker made. The new DC restorer circuit means that the tubes will last as long as 50 years. These new amps come with a 20 year warranty on the amps and the tubes.

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Raising the bar set by the original Carver® Silver Seven™ (also named by The Absolute Sound as one of the ten most significant amplifiers of all time!), the only thing more massive than the amplifier itself is the expansive soundstage it will create in your listening room. With 700 watts RMS at 8 ohms (typically 1000 watts) of power per channel, the 2 chassis Silver Seven 700 mono amplifier can drive even the most difficult, low impedance loudspeakers with authority, regardless of the program material. With its tube complement of 20 6550 power tetrodes (18 as output tubes, 2 used as screen regulators) per channel, the Silver Seven 700 is without peer.

The heart of any great vacuum tube amplifier, regardless of its power output, is the output transformer. Without an output transformer as advanced as the amplifier design itself, it would be impossible to deliver the sonic richness of the Silver Seven 700 to the loudspeakers. Designed by Bob as well, the output transformer used is probably the best output transformer there is.

Regardless of pedigree, any amplifier is only as good as its build quality, and the Silver Seven 700 represents the peak of that realization. In addition to designing the layout and construction methods, each amplifier is individually handmade, one at a time, by ‘Tubular Joe’ Bonin, one of the finest craftsmen of his kind. The workmanship of the Silver Seven 700, like its sonic qualities, is meticulous, detailed, and flawless. Each amp is then hand tuned by Bob personally.

Call me to discuss these superb mono amplifiers. With a 20 year warranty on the Amp AND Tubes is is truly an investment well made.

Read our AudiogoN #1 rated feedback and buy with confidence.
Call us at 770-667-5633 with questions or to get a pair on order.


Rated Power: 700 watts RMS continuous. Typically 1000 watts w/speech & music @ 8 ohms Frequency Response: 2 Hz to 85 kHz (-3 dB) Distortion: Less than 0.5% Power Bandwidth: 18 Hz to 28 kHz Line Inputs: 2 (RCA); Normal (AC coupled) or Lab Direct (DC coupled) Input impedance: 100 kohms Gain: 36 dB Tube complement: One 12GN7, one 12AL5, three 12BY7A, and twenty 6550 Hum and Noise: Better than 120 dB, referred to 700 watts, A-weighted Bias: Rear panel potentiometer adjust Source Impedance: 1.7 ohms Speaker Output Taps: 2, 4, and 8 ohms. Designed to drive ANY load 1 ohm and higher Color: Deep Burgundy with Gloss Black, Natural Aluminum, and Bright Chrome highlights Dimensions/Weight (approx.):
Amplifier Chassis: 9” x 13” x 20” / 55 lbs. each (2)
Power Supply Chassis: 9” x 11” x 20” / 45 lbs. each (2) Country of Origin: United States of America Warranty: 20 years, including the tubes Specifications subject to change without notice.

Here’s Bob, from the website, discussing the design of this new amplifier…

The original Carver® design employed Stu (Hegeman’s) front end approach using a 12BY7. For this new Silver Seven 700 I’ve used the more powerful, lower distortion version, the 12GN7, and I’ve updated this amplifier to represent an expression of my latest thinking regarding power amplifier design. These include a return to a pure pentode output stage, allowing substantially more output drive current than possible with, in Stu Hegeman’s own words, the devil-begotten ultra-linear output stage. Strong words, but as we shall see, Stu was right. This amp has a DC filament supply, unheard of in power amps, but a necessary feature when using high-bandwidth pentodes in the front-end. This is the lowest noise power amp ever, with an A-weighted signal to noise ratio of 120 dB! Power output is hard to believe, and the sound is even more difficult to believe.

I started the design of this new amplifier by changing the color in order to protect the innocent. I changed the color from black to a beautiful, deep, strawberry burgundy red with black and chrome highlights, just like my car. I followed the high speed tube (12GN7) with several Class A drivers for the output tube grids. A cascode voltage amp is used for the gain stage that runs the dual regulator tubes, a pair of power output tubes. In the old days, huge amounts of energy storage were not practical. But today, in the vast intervening gulf of years, the technology associated with capacitor energy storage has allowed an increase of approximately ten fold in power supply capacity to 2400 joules. This amplifier has had its energy storage increased substantially by the addition of HUGE capacitors that Stu (Hegeman) could only dream about. This, combined with the additional DC restorer circuit eliminates every last vestige of “DC bounce” on musical transients. DC bounce and low-frequency stability have always been the result of compromises made by all amplifier designers in order to design an amplifier for the real world that could be BUILT in the real world. Not any more, thanks to the DC restorer, HUGE capacitors, and my new output transformer which I wound my very own self. Not only that, the DC restorer works by keeping the DC component on each output tube grid the exact correct value through the entire audio signal swing, allowing perfect performance up to and even beyond clipping. This new Silver Seven 700 has every known deluxe circuit embodiment known to man, woman, or minor wizards.

The DC restorer allows simultaneous low distortion and low idle power, allowing extreme longevity for the output tubes. The final distortion level in this amplifier is so low that I am embarrassed to write it down here, and the output tubes should last 50 years, unless they have a catastrophic failure or won’t bias up.

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