CARY AUDIO211 FE New Sealed in BoxCARY AUDIO 211 FE New Sealed in Box ! Trades OK, Any Voltage,Factory Warranty!"The Worlds Largest Online High End Audio Dealer"NEW w/ FULL FACTORY WARRANTY Cary Audio 211 Founders Edition PAIR of Tube Monoblock Amps / Any Voltage(We will match any factory adv...22000.00

CARY AUDIO 211 FE New Sealed in Box ! Trades OK, Any Voltage,Factory Warranty! [Expired]

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"The Worlds Largest Online High End Audio Dealer"

NEW w/ FULL FACTORY WARRANTY Cary Audio 211 Founders Edition PAIR of Tube Monoblock Amps / Any Voltage
(We will match any factory advertised price or discount + we take trade-ins)

HigherFi is the largest online seller of ultra high end audio in the world, and we excited to be able to offer this factory new pair of ultimate audiophile tube mono block amplifiers with a full factory warranty on parts and labor (tubes 90 days)not factory warranty.

Here is a new pair (rated 10/10) of amazing Cary Audio 211 FE tube monoblocks available in any voltage, at the lowest price ever and not even broken in (these amps come with a 1 year HigherFi parts and labor warranty. Shipping in the Cont. USA on palette via truck with insurance is $390 for BOTH amps. TRADES OK!!!


The ABSOLUTE SOUND Editors' Choice Awards: Power Amplifiers Over $10k

This is the pure, powerful triode amp you’ve waited for. It will power any speaker I know of, regardless of type or efficiency. Its sound is both triode big and triode delicate, and that’s quite a trick. How good are the Cary 211s you ask? Well good enough that I was tempted to take out the check book and buy these after just a week of listing. But yes, they are that good.  Way better than the Clayton M100s that have stood the test of time and the competition from the likes of the Pass Labs, Simaudio Moon, Joule Electra, Marsh Sound Design and the McIntosh amplifiers.
I could never get them to clip or flip over to class A/B no matter what I played or how loud) before they will really amaze you—but that is perhaps more me than anything else as these amps are way to fun to be legal!. But at more normal or sane listening levels, they still sounded wonderful.  The wonderful thing is that when things get loud and scary, they simply will amaze at their ability to open up and fill the room with music lacking any hint of compression, strain, or distress. They actually sounded better the louder you played them! These are of reference quality and have few peers at any price!

Payment via bank wire, shipping in the Cont US will be $490, we ship internationally, all sales final no returns amps come with full factory warranty (warranty on tubes is 90 days). See our customer ratings worldwide.


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