Cary Audio DesignSLP-05Thank you for looking at our ad! To see other items that we have available for sale, used or new, please visit or call us at 619-449-2787 Up for sale is a one-owner Cary A...4195.00

Cary Audio Design SLP-05 In black, very clean w/many extras! [Template]

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Thank you for looking at our ad!

To see other items that we have available for sale, used or new, please visit or call us at 619-449-2787

Up for sale is a one-owner Cary Audio Designs SLP-05 tube based, two piece preamp with remote control. 

We have the original (2) double-boxes for safe shipping, one set for the preamp and the second for the power supply.

The preamp is in very clean condition with just a very mild, hairline scratch along the top of the power supply (can probably get rubbed out with a very mild polish) and there is a small blemish in the finish on the top of the preamp. This looks like it simply came that way as it seems to be in the paint.

It seems to me the action on the power supply's large power switch seems a little stiff, maybe it's just me.  I also noted that the


  • Circuit Type: Class A Triode ZERO Feedback Preamplifier Design

  • Output: 2 volts rated, 23 Volts maximum 

  • Overall Gain: 12 dB

  • Rated Distortion: 0.03 % THD

  • Noise and Hum: -90 dB below full output

  • Input Impedance: 50,000 Ohms - RCA, 100,000 Ohms - XLR

  • Output Impedance: 400 Ohms 

  • Frequency Response: 5 Hz to 163,000 Hz

  • Vacuum Tubes: 8 ea. - 6SN7 octal tubes for the balanced, headphone and gain stages 

  • Power Transformer(s): EI Laminate, 200% Duty Cycle

  • Resistors: 1% Metal Film

  • Capacitors: Polystyrene, Film and Foil,  (Optional copper oil and foil capacitors)

  • Power Supply Capacitors: 4 ea. - 560µF@400 VDC

  • Weight: 20 lb. preamplifier, 20 lb. external power supply

  • Dimensions: 5" H x 17" W x 12" D

There are some very interesting EXTRAS that have been "thrown in" with this preamp and I'll just list them here: 

1) 1 Matched quad set of POPE 6SN7 tubes - these have a good number of hours on them but they sound great and still have a good amount of life left in them. These are very rare tubes and command a premium when found for sale.  The cheapest I've found them for has been 600.00/pair. The popes were placed in the first 4 tube socket positions as shown in the photos

There is a full compliment of Electro-Harmonix tubes to fully outfit the preamp.

2) a set of 4 Herbie's SuperSonic HAL-O 27 tube rings

3) a Revelation Audio "Passage" CryoSilver Reference DIN cable (umbilical to go between the power supply and preamp) - the stock Cary DIN cable is also included.

4) a set of 4 Black Diamond Racing cones (they fit perfectly inside the stock feet - see photos)

5)a pair of Hifi Tuning fuses

6) an extra remote control (really just for volume and mute though it has additional keys as well.

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