CayinTA-30Cayin TA-30 highly modified, beautiful soundingFor sale is my TA-30. I bought it about 5 years ago(on audiogon) based on the stellar reputation this amp had/has. It came with the Busy Bee mods and caused a big smile the moment I hooked it up....800.00

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For sale is my TA-30. I bought it about 5 years ago(on audiogon) based on the stellar reputation this amp had/has. It came with the Busy Bee mods and caused a big smile the moment I hooked it up. So I decided to further improve its performance. I had Parts connexion do the following: 1.Install a motorized remote volume control(Alps kit bought from German ebay) 2.Convert one input back to line duty from sub out-I use a sub but to me it blends better when fed from amp's speaker outs. Plus I get another input, which was necessary. 3. Replace coupling caps with Jensen caps- much better than the Busy Bee upgraded ones but later I installed the superb Mundorf Supreme silver/gold/oil, which brought a massive improvement. Later, I replaced the passive parts through which the signal passes-from input switch to power tubes. With an expert advice from Part Connexion and countless hours of trying different combinations of all the parts that were recommended by Chris, the following has been replaced from stock: 1. Neotech silver OCC hook up wire from input switch to volume pot 2. Duelund silver/cotton 2.0 hook up wire from volume pot to input stage resistors 3. Audio Note tantalum, Transam resistors around input/driver and output tubes 4. Mundorf electrolytic cap in the power B+ section 5. Furutech FI-03 Rhodium AC inlet, with HIFI tuning Supreme silver/gold fuse. Lettering of the fuse is mostly gone from endless reversals of it for better sound..... WBT 3.8% silver content was used for soldering. The following parts/tubes for your possible tailoring will be included as well: 2 Vishay TX2575 naked Z-foil resistors 2 Caddock MK.132 precision film resistors 2 PRP resistors 2 Kiwame resistors 1 spare Transam AMRG resistor(unused) 1 Jensen Audio Grade electrolytic cap(unused) Tubes For my taste/system the best output tubes were the JJTesla KT77. However, they tended to malfunction withing 100 hours or so I cannot recommend them at all unless modifications are made to protect some resistors connected to them. Currently, the best sound I have achieved is using the following tubes: Russian NOS 6R3S(6L6 clone) Tesla ECC83 RFT ECC82 The 6R3S are from and have less than 50 hours. I also sent the above preamp tubes to cryoset to be treated as well- makes a big difference. The following tubes will be also included: JJTesla EL34-5 pieces, amp came with them; they sound fine and hold bias steadily but the hours are unknown. I never used them as I don't like the EL34 sound very much. These I bought new/or NOS pairs and they have little to just few hours of operation: Tungsram 12AX7 Haltron labeled EI ECC83 Edicron labeled RFT ECC83(one is a little noisy on start up but quiets down) RFT ECC82 EI ECC83 Sovtek 12AX7LPS(double cryo from Mazda 12AT7WA(from cryoset, a lower gain in the 12AX7 position for use with a preamp) The above tubes have less than 50 hours on them. Tubes bought used but all working without issues: TESLA E83CC(bought just recently for 120.00 measuring at over 90%, and yes, that is the equivalent of Telefunken ECC803S super tube, with perfectly balanced sections and good for 10 000 hours) Full Music 12AX7 box frame premium Chinese tube with great sound as well RCA 12AU7 clear top Sylvania 5963 JJTesla ECC803S Tubes and parts will be sent separately free of charge. IMPORTANT: Amp comes with NO POWER CORD. That is how I bought it. The one that I made for it and am going to keep cost me about the same as my asking price-Furutech top grade OCC power cord and pure OCC copper/rhodium plugs. For me, the modifications brought greater transparency, purity, sound has more drive and impact, much improved dynamics, soundstage became more expansive, listening became easier and more fun. In a nutshell- less hi-fi, more music. Needless to say, this amp has entertained me the longest of any piece of equipment I have owned but it's time to try something different....finally. Physically, it is in great condition with just few minor marks/swirls here and there but nothing serious. The paint is quite glossy as I enjoyed waxing it just like my car!! Operationally, the only minor thing is that volume pot can have a couple of slightly scratchy spots when rotating. A full rotation up and down by hand seems to cure the problem for most listening sessions. It could probably use some contact spray for a full remedy but it never bothered my that much. I am taking a big loss here but that is the nature of this and other hobbies. At least I bought myself countless hours of great musical pleasure. Shipping will be USPS only because of our military address, from Europe but with US domestic charges. The box measures 21x11x21 inches and weighs 41 pounds. Please check with USPS's website for the correct shipping charge to your address from 09752.
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