DecwareMini Torii SEDecware Mini Torii SE Like new w/ extra TubesI recently upgraded my mini torii to a regular torii. I can go into great detail about the performance of this amplifier, but if you're reading this ad you probably already know how good it sounds....1100.00

Decware Mini Torii SE Like new w/ extra Tubes [Expired]

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I recently upgraded my mini torii to a regular torii. I can go into great detail about the performance of this amplifier, but if you're reading this ad you probably already know how good it sounds. I am also including several pair of NOS and New Stock tubes, nearly $400 worth. Any questions please feel free to contact me. Can be demoed. I'm asking $1,100 OBO for the tubes and the amp. At this time there is a 3 month wait for this amplifier from the manufacturer. From "The Mini Torii is a 6V6 BASED SINGLE-ENDED CLASS A dual mono amplifier. It features tube rectified power supplies using EZ90 tubes, an OA3 tube voltage regulated output tube stage, OC2 tube voltage regulated input stages and dual stepped volume controls. " "The real deal - not mass produced. It is a hand-built, point-to-point wired amp for purists and music lovers alike. We affectionately named this amp after it's big brother, the TORII MK III which is a 25 watt push-pull. If you've experienced both good single-ended and good push-pull you know the push-pull typically has more hit and authority in the low end. On the flip side, single ended amps have a transparency and midrange to die for so we're always left wanting both. The Mini Torii SE, thanks in part to the tube regulated input stage has a signature and a hit that makes you think your listening to a much larger amplifier, making classic and hard rock sound good despite being heard on a small single ended amp - rare." Small size - built on an 8-1/2" x 11-1/2 " thick aluminum plate. Same size as a piece of paper, great for desktops. Light weight - easy to grab and move around with one hand - making trips to the listening room painless. Low heat - no internal parts get hot, only the output tubes create significant heat. The EZ90 rectifier tubes generate less heat compared to the bigger 5U4, 5Y3GT rectifiers. With 6V6 tubes the power transformers run cool even with 24/7 operation. Long life - all internals are way overbuilt, there's just nothing inside to fail. Expect 50 years of use out of it without problems. Hand built - point to point wired and silver soldered the old school way right here at DECWARE in the USA. High Mass Steel chassis with a single point ground buss eliminating any signal from passing through the chassis. Lasting good looks - The amp features a black powder coat 1930's typewriter finish that always looks great and clean. Finger prints can not be seen and it's scratch proof. Solid hardwood - bases available in Walnut and Black. Custom woods including most exotics are available for an extra charge. Bases are user interchangeable. Low cost of ownership - tubes last almost forever in this thing, and they are easily found and typically inexpensive. Ease of ownership - the amp is self-biasing and completely dual mono so you never have to worry about constantly SETTING the bias or matching the tubes. There is nothing to adjust or maintain, just plug the tubes in and enjoy. Ergonomic - the controls, including on/off switch for each channel are located at the front for easy access when it's on your desk or in your rack. Low power - the amplifier can't blow itself up if the speakers are unhooked, nor can it blow up a speaker if a tube shorts or fails. There is really nothing you can do to hurt it or your speakers. Big sound - don't let the low power fool you. It's called the mini-Torii for a reason since it sounds and carries itself the same way. (The Torii is our 25 watt amp) Adjustable sound - designed with high efficiency single drivers as a likely paring by many customers, a defeat-able treble control was incorporated that works perfectly to take any hotness out of the top end, be it the speaker or recording. Hi-end jacks - with removable IEC power cord ensure it's right at home in the main listening room with other high dollar boutique amplifiers. Built-in preamp - this amp has twice the gain of all of our other amps coming to full power at about the half-way point on the volume control, so no preamp is needed even with lower output sources like those from your computer or ipod. Preamp outputs and bi-amping - for open baffle (and other) speakers. A special pair of output jacks was implemented to feed a second amplifier of your choice with a strong line level signal that matches your volume control and treble control settings. This output is transformer driven so that the even order harmonic signature of the amp is embedded into the output signal to insure the second amp has a matching sound. WORKS GREAT TO DRIVE a subwoofer too. Woofer control - higher dampening than our Triode amps for better driver control and tighter bass. Adjustable regulation - tube regulation of output tubes uses your choice of VR75~VR150 tubes allowing you to lower the power of the output tubes to effect different sonic signatures. Dual Mono - This is actually a pair of single ended monoblocks that were built side by side on the same chassis. Proprietary Iron - Decware output transformers are a big factor in the fidelity of our amplifiers. They are USA made from the best grain oriented silicon steel cores and best sounding copper magnet wire with careful interleaving for wide bandwidth.
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