FOSGATE AUDIONICS FAP V1 - #7 OF 50 EVER BUILT!FOSGATE AUDIONICS  FAP V1 - #7 OF 50 EVER BUILT! WORLD'S ONLY TUBE ANALOG MULTICHANNEL PROCESSOR PREAMPLIFIEROffered for sale to the discerning audiophiles seeking the very best in multi channel audio is this extremely rare collectible masterpiece in excellent condition. This is a very special preamp for...4599.00


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Offered for sale to the discerning audiophiles seeking the very best in multi channel audio is this extremely rare collectible masterpiece in excellent condition.  

This is a very special preamp for the multichannel purists who value the uniquely satisfying attributes of multichannel audio..... 

Please read the Absolute Sound and Stereophile magazine reviews as well as the manual below

  • This is an amazingly versatile all analog tube based Preamplifier with the following capabilities, (take a look at the back panel picture)
  1. High resolution 2 channel preamp with multiple inputs 
  2. High resolution 7.1 channel preamp with 7.1 channel input / pass through for listening to SACD, DVD-Audio and Bluray sources 
  3. Best of converts 2 channel audio into 7.1 output using all analog tube based multi-channel processing.....listen to your Stereo CDs, phono records in glorious multi channel audio with adjustable all analog tube based surround processing and modes
  • For all the Stereo -  2 channel only audiophiles out there.....once you experience multi channel surround sound through this statement preamplifier you will be a multi-channel convert, it may spoil you forever.  
  • High quality implementation of a multi-channel system requires research, higher investment and calibration.....once implemented right.....with this unit as the heart of the system, you will never go back to 2 channel.....stereo seems flat with collapsed soundstage!
  • An Introduction for the FAP V1 by Jim Fosgate:

"The FAP V1 has been designed with a "no compromise all tube" analogue audio path."Jim Fosgate

I have been a dedicated tube listener for the past 23 years, and have long dreamed of a Surround Processor that could convert my precious two-channel stereo recordings to glorious three dimensional"surround sound" while maintaining the sound of tubes. The FAP V1 has been designed with a "no compromise all tube" analogue audio path, and no "solid state" or "digital" sound is added to the audio signal. Now it is possible for a tube listener to hear stereo recordings reproduced in true "surround sound". This product is the culmination of nearly 25 years of surround sound circuit design.I work exclusively in the "analogue domain" and believe it or not, the first working ProLogic II Prototype bread board unit was an "all tube audio path" design with 22 tubes. The circuit was later reproduced in"Solid State form" and analyzed by the engineers at Dolby who converted it to "Digital". Digital circuitry is employed in practically every audio product these days because of low production cost, high reliability,and repeatability. Digital circuits can sound great, but some listeners including myself still prefer the sound of good old tube analogue to anything else.I have built a number of tube prototypes over the years from a simple five tube passive matrix design,to the 22 tube beast mentioned above, which was not a practical design for manufacturing! The final version, the FAP V1, is down to 10 tubes including the power supply rectifier. It uses solid-state circuitry for the steering logic, and tubes for the complete audio path. "Steering Logic" is the industry term that describes the circuitry used for "cross talk cancellation" to obtain a high degree of channel separation. In the FAP V1 the tubes are passing the audio signals from the input to the output. The solid-state devices are used in the steering logic section and are part of the "cancellation circuitry". These circuits are removing certain information from the appropriate channels to control channel separation. I have found that when solid-state circuitry is used in this manor it does not impart any solid-state sound to the audio path what so ever. There have been other surround processors that have claimed to be tube units but some-where inside there has always been some digital and /or solid-state circuits that the audio signals must travel through, making the audio path a hybrid design with a combination of tubes and solid-state devices. The FAP V1 is the only true analogue (non digital) PL II surround processor designed for the home, and the only surround processor with an all tube audio path from input to output.Throughout this manual, you will see comments by Jim Fosgate about the features, settings, adjustments and considerations when setting up your unit in your home. We hope these will help you in creating asystem and "sound" that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations.An example of one of these comments;* Digital circuits can sound great, but some listeners, including myself, still prefer the sound of good oldtube analogue to anything else.

  • Excerpt from Absolute sound review.....

Fosgate FAP V1 ($13,000)
Most people don’t know that Jim
Fosgate was designing and building
multichannel audio products and surround-
sound decoders for more than a
decade before home-theater became a
household word. In fact, he did much of
the design work for Dolby Labs on the
original Dolby Surround format back in
the 1970s, and contributed his design
expertise to the new Dolby Pro Logic II
That history, along with a strong
high-end aesthetic, is embodied in the
limited-edition Fosgate FAP V1, by far
the tweakiest multichannel product on
the market. Fosgate has taken a different
approach in the FAP V1, combining
useful home-theater features with highend
music capability for stereo and multichannel
The FAP V1 has an all-tubed signal
path and offers one eight-channel
input as well as eight stereo inputs.
The eight-channel input can accept
the analog output from an SACD or
DVD-A player; alternately, a DVD
player with a built-in Dolby Digital
and DTS decoder can feed this input
for discrete, multichannel surround
sound. This input can also be fed by
the six (or eight) line-level outputs
from a digital controller. A Dolby
Pro Logic II decoder, implemented
in the analog domain, can be
invoked on any of the other eight inputs
for listening to two-channel sources in
multichannel. This PL II decoder is
bypassed for signals fed to the multichannel
inputs; those signals are sent
directly to the FAP V1’s volume control.
Front-panel controls adjust the PL II
decoder for Center Width and
Dimension. Rear-panel switches engage
high-pass filters for the front, center,
and surround channels independently
(80Hz). A surround and surround back
low-pass filter at 8kHz can be invoked
on those channels (which increases the
apparent channel separation in Pro Logic
decoding). Another rear-panel switch
engages a noise signal for calibrating
individual channel levels.
This feature set is unique. Although
the FAP V1 accepts only one multichannel
source, the inclusion of PL II
decoding, bass management (the
switchable high-pass filters), and an alltube
signal path give the product more
functionality for home-theater users, yet
simultaneously offer potentially super
high-end performance for stereo and
multichannel music.
The FAP V1’s execution is stunning;
the chassis is copper-plated aluminum
mounted in a cabinet of bubinga and
wenge wood. Each unit is hand numbered
and signed by Jim Fosgate.

  • Stereophile review at the link below.....
  • Will ship in factory packaging for safe shipment using FEDEX ground fully insured for the purchase price
  • Buy with confidence from a long term audiophile with perfect feedback.
  • Please call me at 248-520-8628 with any questions you may have

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