Juicy Music AudioBlueberry XtremeusedJuicy Music Audio Blueberry Xtreme - For repairBlueberry Extreme/Xtreme with LOMC Cream option and Remote.Currently not working properly. Needs repair please read entire description and understand it needs attention.Everything was working fine ...500.00

Juicy Music Audio Blueberry Xtreme - For repair [Expired]

no longer for sale

Blueberry Extreme/Xtreme with LOMC Cream option and Remote.

Currently not working properly. Needs repair please read entire description and understand it needs attention.

Everything was working fine and sounding great until recently. There was a clicking noise and the sound would cut out very shortly once or twice when first turning the preamp on. After warming up all seemed fine. A couple of days ago a small puff of smoke came of from what I believe is the bridge rectifier. See last picture next to yellow arrow. Unit was shut down for several hours. Trying to diagnose later, unit would turn on, all tubes would power up and it would play music via the LOMC input with a turn table. However it clicks a lot and the sound cuts out very frequently. Also the lights between standby and play will cycle back and forth during this clicking noise. It is almost as if it is switching between play and standby on its own. 

I'm not very technical but will do my best to answer any and all questions. Please ask. I've had the preamp for a very long time and never a moments problem until now. When working properly it sounds fantastic.     
There is one mark on the upper right side of the brushed face plate. Please see pictures  

I'm really not sure of the value in its current condition. Please make me a reasonable offer if you feel my asking price is not in line with condition.
  These tubes are included with the sale 

  • Ei 12AX7EG  
  • Ei 12AT7EG 
  • EI 6DJ8EG 
  • USA 12X4 RCA DK 
  • JAN 12AT7WC Philips ECG8826 AJM 34167 
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