McIntoshC1000 C/T/PMcIntosh C1000 C/T/P PreampThis is top of the line McIntosh preamp, a three piece beauty. The three piece preamp includes the Tube preamp (T), Solid State Preamp (P) and the Controller (C). Switch between Tube and Solid st...15000.00

McIntosh C1000 C/T/P Preamp [Expired]

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This is top of the line McIntosh preamp, a three piece beauty. The three piece preamp includes the Tube preamp (T), Solid State Preamp (P) and the Controller (C). Switch between Tube and Solid state on the fly. Different sources sound much better on Tube and others sound better on Solid State. Now you can have BOTH! All three pieces are in MINT condition. I am including Gold Lion Tubes in the (T), plus the stock tubes (mint). Price: $15,000 including shipping within the CONUS. Paypal buyers please add 3%. The C1000 stereo preamplifier utilizes a multi-chassis design where the control and power section is isolated from the pure audio sections. This lavishly engineered, unorthodox approach accomplishes absolute isolation of the two main preampfunctions: control and sound. The C1000 consists of three separate modules: a C1000C control unit, a C1000P transistor preamplifier, and a C1000T vacuum tube preamplifier. Inside each module, the left and right channels are electrically and mechanically isolated from each other to allow true dual mono operation - resulting in the ultimate stereo separation and sonic purity. You can choose to have your system configured with either the transistor preamplifier for the absolute finest crystalline sound quality, or with the tube preamplifier to produce that warm, organic tube sound. The C1000C control unit can also be configured with both the transistor and tube preamp sections simultaneously, allowing you the luxury of choice. For ultimate stereo fidelity, the preamplifier modules employ dual mono topologies yielding over 130dB of channel separation. The C1000 preamplifier utilizes fully balanced circuitry to compliment the level of performance achieved in any of McIntosh’s power amplifiers that utilize Quad Balanced Circuitry. ELECTRONIC SPECIFICATIONS ULTRA LOW DISTORTION C1000P: 0.002% C1000T: 0.08% FREQUENCY RESPONSE, +0, -3DB C1000P: 15Hz to 100,000Hz C1000T: 15Hz to 100,000Hz VOLTS OUT, BALANCED / UNBALANCED MAX C1000P: 25/12 V RMS C1000T: 16/8 V RMS INPUT IMPEDANCE BALANCED / UNBALANCED C1000P: 44K ohm, 22K ohm C1000T: 44K ohm, 22K ohm PHONO VOLTAGE GAIN C1000P: 60dB C1000T: 60dB HIGH LEVEL VOLTAGE GAIN C1000P: 15dB C1000T: 15dB SIGNAL TO NOISE RATIO C1000P: 93dB C1000T: 93dB DUAL MONO POWER SUPPLY Yes DUAL MONO, FULLY BALANCED C1000P: Yes C1000T: Yes CONNECTIVITY HEADPHONE OUTPUT C1000P: Yes 1/4" C1000T: Yes 1/4" INPUTS UNBALANCED C1000P: 4 Stereo + 2 Phono C1000T: 4 Stereo + 2 Phono INPUTS BALANCED C1000P: 4 Stereo C1000T: 4 Stereo VARIABLE OUTPUTS UNBALANCED C1000P: 3 Stereo C1000T: 3 Stereo VARIABLE OUTPUTS BALANCED C1000P: 3 Stereo C1000T: 3 Stereo DIGITAL USB INPUT C1000P: No C1000T: No DIGITAL SPIDIF INPUTS C1000P: No C1000T: No PHONO MOVING MAGNET C1000P: Yes, adjustable C1000T: Yes, adjustable PHONO MOVING COIL C1000P: Yes, adjustable C1000T: Yes, adjustable RECORD PROCESSOR LOOP C1000P: Yes C1000T: Yes INPUT LEVEL MATCH C1000P: Yes, +/- 6dB C1000T: Yes, +/- 6dB HOME THEATER PASS THROUGH C1000P: Yes C1000T: Yes CONTROL TONE CONTROLS C1000P: No C1000T: No TONE BYPASS AND INPUT ASSIGN C1000P: No C1000T: No RS232 CONTROL INPUT No POWER CONTROL OUTPUT 2 Main, 2 Switched REAR PANEL DATA PORTS Yes, 8 REAR PANEL IR SENSOR INPUT Yes GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS MULTI-CHASSIS OR SINGLE Multi Chassis (C1000C plus C1000P and/or C1000T) OUTPUT METERS C1000P: Yes C1000T: Yes TUBE OR TRANSISTOR C1000P: Transistor C1000T: Tube, 8 ea. 12AX7a ON, POWER CONSUMPTION 120 watts WEIGHTS & DIMENSIONS DIMENSIONS (W X H X D) All 3 chassis: 17.5" (44.45cm) x 6" (15.24cm) x 24" (61.0cm) WEIGHT C1000C: 39 lbs (17.7 kg) C1000P: 33 lbs (15 kg) C1000T: 34 lbs (15.4 kg)
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