Music ReferenceRM-9 MkIIMusic Reference RM-9 MkII This is THE Vacuum Tube Droid That You Are Looking For !!!!ATTENTION: This is the highly coveted MkII version with the three-position selectable feedback/gain switch. For the uninitiated, most consider the Music Reference RM-9 MkII to be Roger Modje...2149.00

Music Reference RM-9 MkII This is THE Vacuum Tube Droid That You Are Looking For !!!! [Expired]

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ATTENTION: This is the highly coveted MkII version with the three-position selectable feedback/gain switch. For the uninitiated, most consider the Music Reference RM-9 MkII to be Roger Modjeski’s finest work. A true Made in USA audio classic !! It was (and still is) without peer in the higher-powered tube amplifier arena. With selectable feedback/gain and the ability to use EL-34, KT-66, KT-77, KT-88, and 6550 tubes – basically anything octal – the ability to fine-tune the amp to your system and taste is wide open. Impeccable Design: All vacuum-tube design with a10,000-hour tube-life. A driver balance-adjustment pot, and built-in bias adjustment pots with LED monitors for each channel. Hand-wound and –stacked silicon steel Output Transformers, potted under vacuum in silicone rubber for the ultimate in long life. Taps are provided for 2, 4, and 8 ohm nominal loads via copper terminals (please note that only two of the three taps are available now because if the Cardas binding post modification). A tertiary winding is used to provide negative feedback to the driver stage while improving stability into highly reactive loads. The amount of feedback and hence overall gain is selectable via a 3-position toggle switch. You may select 10, 14, or 19dB of feedback during listening so that you can fine-tune the amp/speaker interface. The available gain decreases with feedback from 36dB to 27dB. The switch designations of "LO," "HI," and "MED" refer to the amount of gain available. Music Reference RM-9 MkII Stereo Power Amplifier Specifications: The Mk.II upgrades include an increase in output power to 125Wpc, a new style wood frame which is more visually pleasing than the one used on the original RM-9, a robust rocker-style On/Off switch, and copper five-way binding posts. The output-tube fuses are top-mounted together with "Fuse-Out" indicators—a major convenience. The most significant upgrades are those in the power supply: Capacitor energy storage was increased by 50% over that of the original RM-9, and dual chokes were added to the power supply—a filter dedicated to each channel. Dimensions: 17¾" W by 11¾" D by 6½" H. Unboxed amplifierweight: 60 lbs. This Specific Amplifier: Cosmetic condition of the top-plate, oak wood base, and transformers is excellent for this vintage piece of audio history. The amp is fitted with the standard RAM-branded 6DJ8 variant input & driver tubes, but has the distinction of running an upgraded and exceptionally matched octet of Gold Lion KT-77 tubes sourced from Kevin at Upscale Audio. The only cosmetic “nits” that I see with the amp are minor marks here and there which are to be expected from age, and the fact that the prior/original owner upgraded the RCA input jacks and a pair of the binding posts to genuine Cardas units, as well as upgrading the standard captive power cord to a modular IEC input design (see pictures). The top plate is, however, the absolute cleanest one that I have ever seen for one of these otherwise. Also, please note that I purchased (at considerable cost) and am including with this sale the OEM replacement captive cord, grommet, four copper binding posts, and a length of the RCA internal wiring should the new owner desire to take the amp back to a 100% stock configuration at any point. What comes with the Amplifier? Excellent original condition stereo amplifier with tube cage, natural oak base, upgrades, plus replacement OEM parts, standard RAM input tubes, upgraded KT-77 output tubes, copy of Stereophile review article, and copy of special Collector’s Edition Version of Owner’s Manual. The Fine Print: • All sales final – NO EXCEPTIONS. • I am looking to sell the amp, so I am not interested in trades. • I am open to USA sales within the 48-contiguous states only – NO EXCEPTIONS. • The amp is in exceptional condition for its age. This is, however, a vintage piece of audio equipment, so there are minor marks here and there owing both to age and to the original hand-crafted nature of the amp (Roger made only a little over 900 RM-9 amps total if you add together all the original and MkII versions). • The amp is 100% functional prior to shipping and sounds exceptional. • The amp will be sent to the new owner very well packed, fully insured, and with a delivery confirmation signature required. • Paypal payment adds 2.9% plus $0.30 to total shipped price to cover their pass-through fees associated with the service. The Stereophile review said it best: “…I consider the RM-9 MkII an authentic American classic. Forget the McIntosh 275 or the Marantz 8B—they don't sound nearly as good. Despite its stereo configuration and modest size, the RM-9 is a genuine Class A contender.—Dick Olsher”
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