Octave AudioV110 INTEGRATED AMPOctave Audio V110 INTEGRATED AMP NEW IN BOX 50% OFF!!BRAND NEW OCTAVE V110 INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER OPENED FOR CHECKOUT AND RETURNED TO ORIGINAL CARTON BUY NOW @ 50% OFF LIST! This amp was originally listed at $8300-. When the Euro dropped it officia...3499.00

Octave Audio V110 INTEGRATED AMP NEW IN BOX 50% OFF!! [Expired]

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BRAND NEW OCTAVE V110 INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER OPENED FOR CHECKOUT AND RETURNED TO ORIGINAL CARTON  BUY NOW @ 50% OFF LIST!  This amp was originally listed at $8300-. When the Euro dropped it officially went to $7000-. You can buy it now for $3500-!

Impeccable build quality and legendary Octave super-low noise floor, wide dynamic range, and incredible power and control make this integrated amp an incredible bargain.
Stellar reviews from around the world:  “... In particular, female voice was treated with tender loving care. Its presentation seemed to be a marriage between Beauty and the Beast—powerful with plenty of orchestral weight, yet possessing a purity of tone and naturally warm and liquid midrange. Though I should clarify that at no time was the tonal balance tilted towards the romantic side of tube amplification. This amp avoided euphonic editorializing and was rather obsessive about the plain truth and nothing but the truth. In audio as in human affairs, small details add up to big things. In the case of the Octave Audio V110, various circuit refinements and superior output transformers translate to world-class status…” Stereophile   
“…I don’t know how Andreas Hoffman did it but in my opinion he is one of the few designers to have mastered the KT120. I know a lot of other amplifiers based on them. The V110 however is not only an integrated which frees us from having to buy an external preamp, it successfully demonstrates what can be done with the high power of the KT120 without exposing its weaknesses. Earlier only the Jadis I-35 was able to do something similar. The Octave combines the stereotypical sound of tubes like warmth, softness and vividness with a modern understanding of definition, continuity and coherence. This is a strong versatile very functional amplifier that can be upgraded with an outboard power supply and optional phono board. Fans of other tubes from the KT and EL families will have fun rolling. There's even a 'Front Ch' input for home theater bypass. For me it worked best as integrated but your mileage may vary. In any case there are plenty of options. What's most important happens already when we listening to the first two or three albums over the RCA input with the stock tubes and no outboard power supply. It will be sheer magic” Six Moons   
“Octave Audio’s V110 is a delight. Thoughtfully engineered and impeccably built, it veers from many of its tubed brethren to chart its own paths in both circuit architecture and sound. The V 110 lacks the tonal colorations one might expect from its seven tubes. Its reproduction of music is as clean and pure as it is supple and vital -- I suggest giving it a listen for its exquisite midband alone. This is one special integrated amplifier.” SoundStage Ultra   
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