Audio ResearchReference 210Audio Research Reference 210 pair monosHere is a steal. This is a pair of Audio Research Reference 210 monos. Silver faceplates. Faceplates appear perfect to me. One amp is easily a 9/10, the other is an 8/10 due to a few very light...6400.00

Audio Research Reference 210 pair monos [Expired]

no longer for sale

Here is a steal.  This is a pair of Audio Research Reference 210 monos.  Silver faceplates.  Faceplates appear perfect to me.  One amp is easily a 9/10, the other is an 8/10 due to a few very light marks on the top of the tube cage.  I mean light.  Hard to see them.  Check the pics.  One amp has a display that is slightly less bright than the other, though since the displays are adjustable, it is easy for me to level match them, at least to my eyes.  Again, check the pics.  I have checked with Audio Research, the display, if you want to replace it, is roughly $700.  I saw no need, since the displays have variable brightness and I got them to match to my satisfaction.  I'm picky about that sort of thing.  I have adjusted the price accordingly, if you want to send it in, you can.  Again, I saw no need, the displays adjust via the included remote.  I am including a spare octet of tubes.  These are expensive, and included in this sale.  Both amps had the tubes replaced roughly 1200 hours ago.  The tube counters were not reset, as that has to be done at the factory (I believe this is ARC way of getting you to send in the amp and use their tubes).  Regardless, I am including a spare, unused octet of tubes with this purchase.  See the pics.  
Amps include boxes, manual and a remote.   Check my feedback.  It is what it is because I am honest and accurate.  I am selling due to the acquisition of a pair of Mark Levinson 33h monos, which my wife preferred.  Go figure.  I'm firm on the price.  These are $22,000 amps being offered at less than a third of the retail, with a spare set of tubes.  If you've been lusting for a pair of balanced, high powered, mono tube amps, here you go.  Balanced input only, so you might need a single ended adaptor if your pre or dac is single ended.  Shipping is your responsibility, I won't be including it in the price, which is already low.  I hate to see them go, as to me, they are both more powerful and better sounding than the Levinsons, but my wife feels the Levinsons go better with our decor.  I disagree, but I'm biased.  My loss, your gain.  Give them a great home.  Paypal preferred, but I'll take certified check as long I wait to ship until it clears my bank.  
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