PEACHTREE AUDIOGRAND INTEGRATEDPEACHTREE AUDIO GRAND INTEGRATEDPeachtree Audio Grand Integrated This is a brand new unit with less than 50 hours on it. Comes with factory box, spare tube, power cord, manual and unopened remote. paypal payments add 2% I...3600.00


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Peachtree Audio Grand Integrated This is a brand new unit with less than 50 hours on it. Comes with factory box, spare tube, power cord, manual and unopened remote. paypal payments add 2% If you liked the iDecco than you will be very impressed with Peachtree’s statement Integrated audio unit. Peachtree has taken their audio quality up even Higher with this unit. The dac’s highlights are: The ESS Sabre32 9018 Digital-to-Analog Converter The 24/192 Asynchronous USB Input Galvanic Isolation Bascom King Tube Buffer Home Theater Bypass Rocky Mountain Audiofest 2011 show notes: In the months leading up to RMAF I'd heard quite a bit about the new Grand Pre and Grand Integrated components from Peachtree Audio. Every one at Peachtree was very happy with how the products turned out sonically and visually. I went into the show with high expectations from the new Grand Series of components. After the first few notes were played from a MacBook Pro (USB) through the Grand Integrated and Sonus Faber Elipsa loudspeakers I was hooked. Peachtree has upped its game tremendously with the Grand Series. Sonically the Grand Integrated ($4,299) was one of the best at the show Here is a brief explanation by David Solomon of the integrated amp: I too was of the opinion that I would like a A/B amp, however, my partner Jim Spainhour sent me a design that I promptly dismissed because it was Class D. I then put behind our pre section. First, all past experience faded away because of the signal we fed it through our front-end. After listening for 3 weeks back and forth w/a really nice A/B amp from Musical Fidelity, I was convinced that this Class D amp w/the combo of our front end is one of the best combo's I'd heard to date. So, the Grand Integrated is a Digital amp and the Grand Pre you can obviously use A, A/B, D or H... We have no dog in the fight, but I can say that when you hear what the Grand Integrated will do, your past experience will go away too. It just doesn't sound like a "normal" digital amp. It's has a huge soundstage and the bottom end is full and never compressed. We could do A/B just as easily, but picked this amp for the end result which I hope you'll find as I did, breathtaking... Thanks again! David The Grand Integrated is Peachtree?s first no-holds-barred, 400 wpc Class D integrated amp. It houses four custom matched components in one box, saving you space without compromise. In this one chassis, you?ll find a high resolution DAC, a hybrid tube preamplifier, a 400 wpc high efficiency amplifier, and a state Oat the push of a button and the turn of a knob. The full function remote control includes phase inversion and tube switching which allows you to
customize your listening experience on the fly. The Bascom King Tube Buffer uses two 12AX7s to smooth the harsh digital edge found in poor recordings and compressed audio. The headphone amp signal is run through the tube stage so you can plug in your favorite set of cans and enjoy that smooth tube sound in solitude. Grand Integrated Specifications 400 watts per channel 8 ohms 20Hz-20kHz
Fixed line-level RCA stereo output: 2V rms, 448 ohms
Variable RCA stereo output: 8V rms /11.2V peak, 448 ohms
S/N at the variable analog output 104db
Jitter measured at the master clock