Raphaelite CP6VRaphaelite CP6V 6V6 tube amplifierRaphaelite CP6V 6V6 tube amplifier Humane adjustment device, power transformer capacity 150W, Output transformer open architecture, power 15W, low leakage inductance design. Circuit using a standa...650.00

Raphaelite CP6V 6V6 tube amplifier [Template]

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Raphaelite CP6V 6V6 tube amplifier

Humane adjustment device, power transformer capacity 150W,

Output transformer open architecture,

power 15W, low leakage inductance design.

Circuit using a standard 4-pole pipe connection,

when the output power 10W Distortion <1%.

Voices: loose natural midrange rich, classic classical taste.

            Bass relaxation, good flexibility. Delicate treble true.

Suitable for vocals, strings, folk music performance.

Recommended with sensitivity> 85dB bookshelf box or floor speakers.

For small caliber bookshelf box, full-range speakers,

Antique horn speakers have good performance power!


2 Package:

Tube amplifier

Packing size: 475 * 372 * 290(mm)

Package Weight: 12kg


Tubes, cover

Packing size: 465 * 345 * 270(mm)

Package Weight: 9kg

Can provide input voltage 110V/60Hz

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