Rare Famed TRL Tube Research Labs GTP-66 channel tube premplifier/preampGTMRP The Golden Triode Multichannel Reference Preamplifier uses the same circuitry and parts as used in our GTP-4, with the added benefit of additional channels to allow it to be used in a no co...15000.00

Rare Famed TRL Tube Research Labs GTP-6 6 channel tube premplifier/preamp Top of line hand wired by Paol Weitzel [Template]

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    The Golden Triode Multichannel Reference Preamplifier uses the same circuitry and parts as used in our GTP-4, with the added benefit of additional channels to allow it to be used in a no compromise two-channel or six (5.1) channel system. This means that, finally, a preamplifier exists which will work as the heart of a stereo LP record playing system, as well as stereo compact disc system, and also be capable of multi-channel video or SACD or DVD-Audio playback. It easily amplifies any audio frequency with the definition and dynamics as all other Tube Research Labs products.

    Multi-Channel Preamplifier Specs.
    • 45 - Step (x 6 channels) Master pure Silver contact Volume Control
    • 23 - Step individual channel pure Silver contact attenuators to trim for 5.1 balance
    • 10 tubes
    • Current Draw: 2 amps
    • Weight 148#
    • Shipping Weight 240#
    • Dims. 23" wide x 22" deep x 8" height


    A Word About Tube Research Labs, Inc.

    Tube Research Labs is an audio company dedicated to the manufacture of the finest preamplification and power amplification products possible. Every product Tube Research Labs manufactures meets exacting physical and sonic standards.

    From the sophisticated circuit topology employed, to the finest parts available, to the extraordinary craftsmanship in construction, these products are truly unparalled.
    Sonically, every product combines power with musicality, extended frequency response with superb dynamics and the ability to create a soundstage image that is like real music.
    Characteristic of every Tube Research Labs product is the use of point-to-point wiring techniques and hand assembly. No printed circuit boards (PCB's) or transistors are used in either the amplification circuits or the power supplies.
    Tube Research Labs typically does not publish traditional measurements on its equipment's performance. These measurements illustrate how machines hear, not how humans hear. We probably are years away from having measurements which we can really associate to or correlate with the listenability of a device.
    In order to appreciate Tube Research Labs' products, they must be measured by the most sophisticated measuring instruments there are--the ears of discerning and discriminating listener.


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