Revelation Audio Labsumbilical power cable kitnewRevelation Audio Labs umbilical power cable kit for WAVAC PR-T1 preamplifier and LCR-X2 phono stageBRAND NEW DESIGN REVISION FOR 2022 "Well, I’ve finally found time to setup your Revelation Audio Labs umbilical power cable kit onto my LCR-X2 phono preamp. "Firstly, I was very pleased wi...3499.00

Revelation Audio Labs umbilical power cable kit for WAVAC PR-T1 preamplifier and LCR-X2 phono stage

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"Well, I’ve finally found time to setup your Revelation Audio Labs umbilical power cable kit onto my LCR-X2 phono preamp. 

"Firstly, I was very pleased with the quality of the construction of your cable kit. It’s very well made. The stock original cables are no slouch either when it comes to construction and are just as thick and heavy. But your cable kit certainly brings the quality up a couple of notches, at least. 

"I am always a little careful with all silver cables like your cable kit. Reason is that while silver is a great material but if not done right, they tend to be bright and lean sounding. You tend to gain something but also lose something else. 

"Well, I needn’t worry. Upon first listen, the power cable kit was sounding smooth, with better details and delicacy. Soundstage seems more precise. I was skeptical that your power cable kit could bring much improvement because these cables juts bring DC power from the power transformer to the power supply and then onto to the phono preamp itself. Since its all DC power, you wonder if improved cables can bring much improvement. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. There was clearly discernable improvements. I would say that the amount of improvement is in the ball park of upgrading the interconnects to better ones. 

"The most important point I guess is that there is a good measure of sound quality improvement that leads to making the overall system more musical and enjoyable. For those of us who like the Wavac LCR-X2 and the PR-T1 units, there is no other upgrade path aside from the usual power cables and interconnects. But your Revelation Audio Labs umbilical power cable kit now adds another level of improvement that I would highly recommend. Thanks for this important upgrade kit.

Best, ddriveman on AudiogoN"


All cables individually hand crafted in the United States. 

Attention all WAVAC PR-T1 preamplifier and WAVAC LCR-X2 phono stage owners.

Of course you may be aware that the stock umbilical cables that are supplied with your WAVAC are, with all due respect, mediocre at best, and may be THE weakest links in your music chain. If you were to take a peek inside you would see very ordinary, inexpensive stranded copper insulated wire.  Upgrade from that stock umbilical set and finally unleash the full performance your WAVAC PR-T1 preamplifier combo or WAVAC LCR-X2 phono stage combo is capable of, and that you paid top hard-earned dollar for! If you unwittingly allow your stock umbilicals to remain in place, you shall never realize the astonishing sonic potential you are completely missing, but that is so simply within your reach.  

Our CryoSilver Reference™ umbilical power cable set is phenomenal, and is in use in fine audiophile systems by music lovers worldwide. 

By no means are these ordinary cables. These are precision musical instruments, crafted by hand by their very designer, Bradley Vojtech. Not a product of factory mass production, each cable is more akin to a work of art. Our work in producing superior high end audio umbilical power cables for over 15 years has rendered this as the present height of achievement and world class state of the art.  

Be aware. Virtually each and every high priced, ’high end’ audio cable is derived from off-the-shelf wires, made from inferior metals, extruded in poor insulators, which are the products of machines which are designed to run wire and cable by the kilometer. This very inexpensive wire comes off a gigantic roll from mass manufacturers that make the most common, ordinary wire. The exterior of the cable is dressed up, jewelry-like connectors are usually installed, and there you have your typical, so-called ’high end audio cable’. Mass produced, packaged, marketed and advertised to project the illusion of high quality exquisiteness. This is the general wire and cable industry infiltrating into the special audiophile cable market. The basic difference between the off-the-shelf cable made by those huge corporations and most high-end music cables boils down to only one thing...the label. The gospel truth is most high end audio cables are not handmade with exacting attention to detail by the hands of an artist who has a passion for music.  

Not so at Revelation Audio Labs! 

Each and every one of our cables is passionately handcrafted, starting with a single bare conductor, and building upon that. Ours are not cables that are run through machines ordained to spew out vast abundance of commodity.  Ours are literally by every sense of the term "made from scratch".

Not to belabor you here, as we encourage you to study our web site Technical Design page for a full thesis on our design technologies - but as a brief synopsis, this cable set features:

• We start with bare single crystal five-nines (5N) ultra-pure solid core CryoSilver™ conductors – deep cryogenically treated in our exclusive vacuum cryogenic process. Silver is the most electrically conductive of all the elements, and our silver is not your father’s silver.  The raw, uninsulated wire used is made by a U.S. company that specializes in precision silver wiring technology primarily for advanced aerospace and medical imaging industries

• Big Air™ dielectrics – the air envelope of each discreet conductor is greatly oversized in diameter relative to the conductor diameter within it 

• N.O.S. - U.S. manufactured transparent PTFE Teflon isolator tubes – hermetically sealed to form the air dielectrics. This system provides an air dielectric that is unaffected by ambient atmospheric conditions

• Progressive Hand Wrap™ discreet solid shields for each conductor pole, isolating each conductor/dielectric sub-assembly from all others within the cable array, to eliminate EM effects, cross talk, and eddy currents 

• Triple-layer solid and helically-woven U.S. made military specification stranded outer shieldings  

• All shieldings drained to the source ends only (to carry absorbed internal and external EMI/RFI noise harmlessly away from the music) 

• All highest quality MIL-SPEC genuine Amphenol connectors – not the Asian imitation “knock-off” connectors used on the stock cables. Feature silver contacts for seamless metallurgic compatibility and synergy with our conductors 

• Conduits feature our Ceramic MicroSphere™ technology for absorbtion and dissipation of vibrations, resonances and microphonics, both internal to the cable and external, mechanical and air bourne, as well as for the control of EM energy 

• Finally the conduit is covered externally with our new Conductive Carbon Infused Composite (CCIC) jacket. This advanced technology material provides superior EMI/RFI/EMF shielding of the cable. The negative affects that static electrical fields and charges have on audio cables is well documented. In addition to augmented shielding, crucially the Conductive Carbon jacket provides ESD (Electro Static Discharge) protection as it dissipates static fields and charges, also eliminating static electrical charges from accumulating in the first place, as their presence robs performance as it does with standard cable insulation. The material absorbs and dissipates static electricity charge build-ups, which occur naturally on common non-conductive materials. It is typical for these charge levels to be in the thousands of volts. All areas of audio performance are enhanced by eliminating static electrical fields and charges from the surfaces of cables. Virtually all other audio cables suffer from the negative sonic effects of stray fields upon the cable

• Cables are fully conditioned on our audiodharma Cable Cooker and connector contacts are treated with Furutech Nano Fluid contact enhancer prior to shipment 

The above WAVAC PR-T1 preamplifier / WAVAC LCR-X2 phono stage umbilical cable set includes the following four cables: 

(two) 0.75-meter, 10-pole, from TR-B1 Power Transformer Box to PS-X2 Power Supply 

(two) 0.75-meter, 7-pole, from PS-X2 Power Supply to preamp or phono stage  


The regular cost of the four-cable set is $3,999 (nearly $6,400 if you were to purchase each of these cables from us separately). However, as a member of AudiogoN you may have a set for the special discounted price of only $3,499 – a savings of $500. Please consider the average price-per-cable on the set and further realize the value this kit represents.  

As with all of our cables, we offer a 30 day risk-free audition period. Use them for a full 30 days, if you are not pleased, you may return them for a refund. However, I am pleased to inform you that 100% of our customers who have ordered the WAVAC PR-T1 preamplifier / LCR-X2 phono stage umbilical power cables are absolutely stunned and thrilled with how they optimize the performance of the PR-T1 preamp combo / LCR-X2 phono stage combo, finally enabling the full sonic potential of the preamplifier and power supply kit to be realized.  

The cable set is available for immediate shipment.  If your installation requires longer lengths, simply let us know and we will send you the respective PayPal invoice.  

NOTE: the special price for a single 1-meter 10-pole cable for the WAVAC PR-Z1 preamp is $1,092.

Keep this in mind. We are uniquely positioned to custom-build any cable to accommodate your requirements and/or specifications, utilizing our highly reviewed technologies—such as to substitute for an inferior “stock” cable. You will literally be amazed at the performance enhancement such an upgrade will make. Every customer has stated it is the most cost-effective improvement they had ever made to their system, surpassing an equipment replacement upgrade! We would also be delighted to “hot rod” any of our cable designs to your specifications. Our designs are in use in fine audio studios and other professional applications. In fact, did you know that our digital cables are actually in use in-flight by NASA?  


We pay the cost of shipping worldwide. 

We prefer PayPal, but will only accept a check or postal money order from U.S. buyer, or only a postal money order from a Canadian buyer. 

We offer a 6-month no-interest financing program. 

Revelation Audio Labs does not play the game of offering various models, with their respective price points, of a type of cable for a prospective application. This is because each of our cables is simply the very best that it can possibly be, period, and comparable to the very finest cables available, period. Yet, our prices are very competitive, because our factory-direct sales eliminate inevitable distributor mark-up. 

We sell directly to the end user, to save you money, but our cables are also proudly carried by the insistence of these fine high end audio dealers: 

High End Cable (United Kingdom) 

True Audiophile (Portland, OR) 

Affordable Audio (Playa del Rey, CA) 

Audio Extreme (Hong Kong)  

Igal Sabo High End (Israel) 

ES Audio (South Korea) 

Celebrating our THIRD DECADE of selling our cables on AudiogoN! View our hundreds of great buyer feedbacks dating back to February in the year 2000. What other cable maker selling on AudiogoN can make that claim? We are very proud of our success on AudiogoN, and for all the many people it has enabled us to meet and serve. Thank you for your support. You are most important to us. Without you, we could not do what we do - to be deeply involved in fine music and the beauty it brings to life, bringing you closer to the music you love. I look forward to hearing from you very soon, and to sending you your new cable set. Thank you again!!!

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