Silk Audio (by Yaqin)MS38SESilk Audio (by Yaqin) MS38SE 6CA7 Blue Glass Tube Integrated AmpIntroducing the upgraded Silk MS-38SE Silk Audio is proud to introduce the Silk MS-38SE. This unique model is a factory upgraded model from the popular Yaqin MC30L or MC20L. It offers midrange s...649.00

Silk Audio (by Yaqin) MS38SE 6CA7 Blue Glass Tube Integrated Amp [Expired]

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Introducing the upgraded Silk MS-38SE

Silk Audio is proud to introduce the Silk MS-38SE.  This unique model is a factory upgraded model from the popular Yaqin MC30L or MC20L.  It offers midrange smoothness but with controlled bass and extended highs of the 6A7 Blue Glass Tubes with beautiful retro styling featuring a lighted VU meter.  It also offers features like remote control and headphone output and a front panel ultra-linear or triode mode selection for the power stage.


The MS-38SE has a number of refinements like automatic power supply overload shutdown, automatic input muting during power on and last input memory.


The Silk Audio MS-38SE further improves with factory upgraded Solen capacitors in critical signal coupling and feedback locations.  Additional power supply bypassing capacitors are also used.  The result is more dynamic yet more transparent and detailed sound presentation.



Other highlights:

·       SRPP input, long-tailed phase splitting driver and push pull Blue Glass 6CA7 outputs

·       Selectable Ultra Linear and Triode operating modes for output stage

·       High voltage turn-on delay for soft starts to the power tubes protects them from turn on surges.

  • Automatic high voltage power supply shut down in case of overload with front panel indication.

·       Solen audiophile caps in critical locations with audiophile electrolytic capacitors and precision metal film resistors used throughout

·       High quality motorized volume control.  Volume control muted during power up to prevent transients.

·       Specially wound output transformers using OFC copper and Japanese audiophile silicon steel core material.

·       High quality RCA input jacks and heavy duty speaker connectors

·       Headphone jack

·       Full function infrared remote

  • Retains input selection from last power on



·       Power Output:  50W per channel (Ultra Linear mode), 25W per channel (Triode mode)

·       Distortion:  Less than 1.6% at 1kHz

·       Frequency Response:  5Hz to 75kHz (-2dB)

·       S/N ratio:  Better than 88dB (A weighted)

·       Inputs:  4 line level 0.23V

·       Tubes :  6CA7 x 4, 6J1 x 8

·       Power input:  120V / 240V selectable


About Silk

We are fellow audiophiles who look for cost effective upgrades to today’s thin, shrill digital sounds from mass market gadgets.  We look for products that give that smooth, open, “you are there” sound without having to pay a hefty price for esoteric products that might be more about hype than substance.  We are passionate in our pursuit and want nothing less than complete satisfaction for our customers. 



We are pleased to offer a one year parts and labor warranty for products that we sell, except tubes.  We provide service from our US location for your convenience.  Please contact us in advance before shipping units back for any service work.  Please plan to arrange for return shipping as well but we are also happy to furnish parts to you in case you prefer to perform the service work.

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