Tomcat Audio7 WPC Auto Bias StereoTomcat Audio 7 WPC Auto Bias Stereo NEW*****Reduced****Integrated Amplifier*****Reduced******NEW********************************PRICE REDUCED************************************ Offered here exclusively by myself and John Miller of Tomcat Audio are  custom designed tube preamplifiers, amplifi...749.00

Tomcat Audio 7 WPC Auto Bias Stereo NEW*****Reduced****Integrated Amplifier*****Reduced******NEW [Expired]

no longer for sale

********************************PRICE REDUCED************************************

Offered here exclusively by myself and John Miller of Tomcat Audio are
  custom designed tube preamplifiers, amplifiers, integrated amplifiers
  and tube buffers.  John Millers own designs are built and tested in
  his California home
 ************USA MADE************NOT BUILT IN CHINA***************
High parts quality.  Hammond transformers... Especially the transformers.  Parts are sourced in the states.  The units are not overbuilt.  They are built to simply sound GREAT.
 Units are built upon order.  The units in the photos are my own
 personal units.  John's latest offering is a 7wpc Auto Biasing EL84
single ended   integrated stereo amplifier on a 8x12 chassis.  Zero feedback.  4 output tubes.  1 driver tube.  The preamp driver tubes are 12 series tubes.  You can use any of the 12 series.  12AX7, 12AU, 12AV7,  12AT7...It will have tone controls(bass and treble), gain control, power switch, led and a toggle switch for 2 high level inputs on the
  front panel.  The rear panel will have 2 pairs of 5-way binding posts,
  2 pairs of rca's  and an IEC connector.  The EL84 integrated is going
  from John to your front door for $749.00 plus shipping and handling
  fees.  Color:  Silver with walnut wood sides.  Other colors available.

 Entry level prices.  High end room filling sound.  The biggest
 misconception is that low power will not fill the room with sound.  If
 the speakers are very low efficiency-say 86 db or less-then yes.  That
 statement will hold true.  Speakers that are like 88db on up will play
 plenty loud.  Also, room size matters.  My room is 10 x 12.  All my
 speakers are 88-89 db or greater.

 John just about finished this latest design of his.
 He was driving 83-84 per watt channel JBL speakers(VERY INEFFECIENT)
 in a 12x18(GOOD SIZE ROOM) and they were plenty loud.  What speakers
 are you using and what size is your room?  John has another integrated
 amp that is on the same platform at this one(8x12) with larger
 transformers that are $1,100.00 + s/h .  This integrated puts out
 22wpc.  Check out his photos.  He calls this amp "Cherry 35".  All
 John's designs are zero feedback. It weighs around 15 lbs.,  20lbs
 packaged.  I have not heard this amp BUT John states it is a very
 powerful amp that will drive almost any speaker in a room that is not

Please note:  I also have a good selection of speakers, phono stages, cd players, dacs....I prefer not to ship speakers.  If you are fairly local to me, we can get will together.  I can  also do a system setup if you would like me to deliver to your home.   Goto and lookup John Miller at TomcatAudio(one word) to see his designs.  I have  ADS, Boston Acoustics, KEF, Realistic and Phase Tech speakers.   Realistic, Radio Shack and Creek  phono stage.  Monarchy Audio,  Meitner, Sony, Tascam and Nuforce dacs  and cd players.

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