Tron ElectricSyren II UltimateTron Electric Syren II Ultimate Full-fuction tube preamplifierPRICE LOWERED. Perfect condition Tron Syren II Ultimate. This is second- from the top of the range Tron Syren II model, with $55,000 Tron Syren II GT being the top one. Current production. Co...11195.00

Tron Electric Syren II Ultimate Full-fuction tube preamplifier [Expired]

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PRICE LOWERED. Perfect condition Tron Syren II Ultimate. This is second- from the top of the range Tron Syren II model, with $55,000 Tron Syren II GT being the top one. Current production. Condition is 9/10 with no cosmetic defects and perfect functionally. Less, then a year ago, I sent it to Tron Electric, where Graham Tricker updated RIAA circuit to the latest specs, and, of course, made sure the rest of the unit is up to specs. Power supply is 115 V USA, but can be converted to any voltage desired. I have owned many high end preamps (2 Suprateks, BAT Rex, Joule Electra 450 ME, VAC Signature IIa), and Tron Syren II is certainly the best of the bunch. Without going into the usual audiophile descriptors, the most notable character traits are: it combines extreme musicality, emotional engagement and texture with very high resolution, without EVER sounding analytical, or bright. it's impossible not to be engaged, listening to it. Just to make it clear- it does have world-class MC phono stage built- in with Silver MC SUTs (20 dB gain, 1:10 step- up ratio). The quality of construction is really extreme, with the attention being paid to the smallest detail. I have 108 dB sensitive system, and Tron is DEAD quiet with the phono input selected, the volume at MAX and the ear next to the speaker. "The Syren is designed using four carefully divided partitions. These partitions help reduce the disruptive effect of magnetic, mechanical and electrical fields for the critical aspects of the circuit. All the components are oriented spatially to limit interference, and are of the highest quality available. Most are specially made to order and the strip core transformers and chokes are individually hand wound. This guarantees perfect pitch, rich tonal colour, and exposes the subtle timing and harmonic structure of the music, where lesser components corrupt and compress the signal. If you listen to a violin up very close then you can literally hear the harmonious chorus of every tiny resonance, and it is precisely this rich textural musical signature that we are passionate about preserving in combination with the timing and dynamics of the performance, in essence, to deliver the emotion of the music." "Reference The Syren II can be upgraded to the Reference specification to further improve the musical performance from all your musical sources. The output transformers form a critical stage in the amplification and to further improve the Syren II we have specially developed some unique non-standard core material that we keep as proprietary knowledge and simply refer to as exotic. These exotic core transformers help to lift the musical performance and enhance the vibrancy and intimacy of the music, in a way that just makes everything sound more immediate and tactile. We have been a little surprised, but delighted with how much a change in the core of a transformer can make to the musical performance, and this is why we have spent so long perfecting the materials we use in our exotic cores. Making these in such small quantities has also proved a challenge from some aspects of our sourcing, however we believe it has all been worth it. Ultimate The Ultimate comes with all the additions of the Reference model, but also uses 99.99% pure solid silver wiring throughout the critical signal path. Silver as a conductor has the advantage of a more revealing and transparent reproduction of the music, however care needs to be taken to ensure that this is delivered in a complete and unified manner as sections of silver in a component in isolation rarely provide a benefit. Finding the right dielectric (insulation) for the cables is also critical to extract the best from this expensive material. Our choice of dielectric enables the ‘skin effect’ associated with incompatible insulation to be rendered almost non existent. This helps to bring the music to a tighter and more cohesive performance, here conventional cables tend to render the small details essential for the whole piece to really hang together in a muddled and incongruent way.'. Again, my model is the Ultimate, and can be upgraded to GT simply by purchasing GT Power Supply unit from Tron Electric. If you are looking at this ad., you probably know, that Tron Syren II belongs to a rarified field of just a few other preamplifiers, where the cost is really not a consideration. Low ball offers will be politely ignored, since the price is more, than fair. PayPal adds 3 % No questions have been asked about this item. Ask the seller a public question Send a private message Seller Information maril555 Last 12 months 3 100.0% All-time 150 100.0% Member since November 2002 Items from this seller
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