WAVAC Audiomd - 811WAVAC Audio md - 811This is a beautiful amp with some historical pedigree....it was owned by Terry Cain of Cain&Cain Speakers in Walla Walla. I obtained it in the past year ...it had power caps redone and sounds...2300.00

WAVAC Audio md - 811 [Expired]

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This is a beautiful amp with some historical pedigree....it was owned by Terry Cain of Cain&Cain Speakers in Walla Walla. I obtained it in the past year ...it had power caps redone and sounds quite amazing. I am relocating and downsizing...hence the sale. Please ask any questions....below is information. It comes with a set of NOS 811 tubes and some other extra tubes. I rated it 7/10 due to age, it has power caps redone recently.

“The MD-811 Music Dandy features the classic RCA-designed 811A triode transmitting tube, a standard in radio communications applications since the early 1940s. The 811A features a 25-watt thoriated-tungsten filament with tremendous reserve emission capability and a large anode for efficient heat dissipation. It is noteworthy that the reliable 811A is still being specified for the latest design radio equipment in 1997, after over a half-century career of dependable service. Like other WAVAC Audio Lab. amplifiers, the Music Dandy employs the revolutionary IITC (Inverted Inter stage Transformer Coupling) topology. The IITC circuit Permits music lovers to use outstanding transmitting tubes like the 811A that will not work in familiar old-fashioned Class A circuits. Our amplifiers unite the pure sound of single-ended directly heated triodes with the visual beauty, bulletproof reliability, superior build quality, and respectable power output of industrial-grade transmitting tubes. A particular advantage of the 811A tube is easy availability and low replacement cost. The 811 triode is still in current production because the tube continues to be used widely used in RF applications. The low impedance IITC driver stage used a triode wired 6Y6, another readily available power tube, for excellent linearity and power transfer to the grid of the 811. The high-efficiency IITC circuit provides a healthy power output of 15 watts per channel under extremely conservative operating condition for long, dependable service. Extremely low noise circuitry without capacitors in the signal path preserves the dynamic articulation of low level signals that make single ended triode amplifiers the first choice for music enthusiasts. The low output impedance of the amplifier ensures maximum compatibility with contemporary 4 and 8 ohm loudspeakers. Although WAVAC Audio Lab. employ classic vacuum tubes that inspire feelings of nostalgia. Among students of engineering history, our attitude is strictly modern in every way. We selected the timeless masterpieces of vacuum tube design to create amplifiers for today's cultural lifestyle. The fresh visual appeal of the Music Dandy complements the realistic beautiful sound it will bring to your listening room. Typical WAVAC Audio Lab. attention to detail is evident in fine finish and quality of materials used throughout. The MD-811 is designed to be a solid investment in long-term listening satisfaction. Specification Power Tube 811A Effective Power output 15 watts per channel Frequency range 20Hz-50KHz Input sensitivity 1Vrms Input impedance 100k ohms S/N ratio 72dB Power consumption 260 watts Power supply 100,110,120,220,230,240 VAC 50-60Hz (selected when shipped) Load impedance 8(4/16) ohms External dimensions 265Wx420Dx200H(mm) Weight 17kg

all original boxes and packing included
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