Magnum Dynalab807tMagnum Dynalab 807t Magnum Dynalab 807tI have had a blast with this internet tuner. It is actually more than just an internet tuner as you can read below, you can pick up terrestrial FM and it is all played through lovely tube output...1895.00

Magnum Dynalab 807t Magnum Dynalab 807t [Expired]

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I have had a blast with this internet tuner.  It is actually more than just an internet tuner as you can read below, you can pick up terrestrial FM and it is all played through lovely tube outputs for some very warm and natural sound.  Take a read… and have a blast with this.

The 807t is also a triode tube and can get terrestrial FM, so you get the best of both worlds, with incredible MD sound. 

This unit is so unique and functional, I thought that I would put this excerpt found on the Magnum Dynalab site, by Andy Schaub from the Positive Feedback.

The Magnum Dynalab MD 807T is a very interesting device. Essentially, it's a very high quality computer running some custom software to lock in about any station that broadcasts on the World Wide Web. It's the way it does it that make it unique along with some of the options you have for its use. Very warm and analog sounding, the 807T has a S/PDIF input that also allows you to use as a standalone 24/192 upsampling DAC with a flick of the switch on the back. Unlike most of the high resolutions DACs I've encountered, it uses tubes in the analog output section. I think this alone counts for a lot of its signature sound, which—as I mentioned—is very warm and quite reminiscent of a good vinyl record even though (in my case) it's accessing the Web through my home Wi-Fi supplied courtesy of Comcast and an Apple Airport Extreme; but fear not! If you don't have Wi-Fi, or choose not to use, it also has an Ethernet port for hardwiring the tuner to your modem or router. In case you're just not happy with the upsampling DAC and tube analog output stage (with both balanced and single ended connections), it has a COAX and TOSLINK output on the back. Plus, it has an antenna input so—if you live in a good area—you can capture terrestrial FM. It can also lock onto your home network and play files directly from that if you have the right kind of setup, i.e., Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), which is—unfortunately—not supported natively by Mac OS X. It even has a USB port on the front, not for streaming, but for playing thumb drives and such. It does so many things that I really couldn't extensively test them all.

There is an on-line manual for this so you can read all the specs…. No reason to waste ink here.

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