MarantzST-150Marantz ST-150 Tuner - Near Mint - Price Reduced / Free ShippingNote: I will pay shipping. This is a classic Marantz ST-150 tuner with tuning oscilloscope. It is in near mint condition in terms of product performance and exterior finish. It has a couple of sm...650.00

Marantz ST-150 Tuner - Near Mint - Price Reduced / Free Shipping [Expired]

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Note: I will pay shipping.  This is a classic Marantz ST-150 tuner with tuning oscilloscope. It is in near mint condition in terms of product performance and exterior finish.  It has a couple of small blemishes on the top (see pictures) but otherwise looks new. And, It performs outstanding! 
I bought it about 2 years ago from a friend who was curator of a very large inventory of audio products collected over 50 years by a physician in California.  After his death, his wife asked my friend to take the literally 100's of pieces and find a buyer.  I was the buyer of the 150 and a Kenwood 600T.  Both are in unbelievable condition.  I am now selling the 150 after 102 hours of personal usage (I log all usage of my tuners and amplifiers) because I need the cash for other audio system upgrades.   
This tuner performs superlative.  The scope and all other features work just like they were never used before.  You can actually "zero in" a channel/frequency as tight as desired, and maximize the output with virtually no multi-path interference (I use a Dynalab ST-2 exterior antenna on the roof).  When I purchased the tuner, I had it inspected by a high-end tuner servicer in California, and they recommended that any money spent on upgrading, alignment change, etc. would be a waste.......everything was so close to original manufacturers specifications that nothing was required.  I trusted them, had it shipped to me, and I can absolutely confirm the integrity of this tuner.  It is a real gem!  

You will find yourself listening to this tuner as it sounds much better than CD's.
You can find some reviews, but the best source that I like is the "Tuner Information Center" (  A brief quote is as follows: "Our contributor Dan D. says, "For years, I felt that the Marantz 150 was a rather mediocre unit performance-wise compared to the Kenwood, Aiwa and Sansui, debating whether or not to let it go and move on to something newer (digital). Then out of pure curiosity I decided to spend a few and sent it in for an alignment and bulb replacement. What I got back was quite different. I was rather unprepared for the transformation. It was brilliant, and most definitely a keeper." Our contributor Dave O. had similar results with his 150: "I thought it was really average until I aligned and re-capped it. Then, WOW! Of course, there's no way to change the bandwidth in it without completely replacing the IF strip, but the compromise they struck is just perfect for my needs."   
It is difficult to find one of these 150's for sale, and when you do, they are in sub-standard condition, including a non-working scope.  Thus, the market pricing varies widely depending on condition.  I have priced it at $650.00 to sell, knowing that if I waited long enough, I could get $400.00 to $600.00 more......It does not owe me anything as this is less than I paid, and I have 102 hours of glorious enjoyment.     
I will package with double boxes, foam & good bubble protection. Note also that I take only a USPS Money Order or a Cashiers Check.  I will not accept PayPal or Credit Cards.  
This is a great tuner which has both FM and AM output.  I know you will be elated with its addition to your system.  Please let me know if you have questions or want to discuss the tuner's operation.
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