Bang & OlufsenBeogram 3300Bang & Olufsen Beogram 3300 Tangential Tracking TurntableBang and Olufsen Beogram 3300 Tangential Tracking Turntable NOT INCLUDING CARTRIDGE. I am original owner. If not familiar with tangential tracking turntables....otherwise known as "straight line ...99.99

Bang & Olufsen Beogram 3300 Tangential Tracking Turntable [Expired]

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Bang and Olufsen Beogram 3300 Tangential Tracking Turntable NOT INCLUDING CARTRIDGE. I am original owner.  If not familiar with tangential  tracking turntables....otherwise known as "straight line tracking" or "linear tracking".  The good news is that the turntable is in Perfect Working Order and sounds incredible. The bad news is there are some cosmetic issues that I need to address. There was some paint splatter on the top...went to clean with rubbing alcohol and you can see the results. There is one splatter on the arm inside but it's small and not as noticeable. Suggestion would be to get some gray spray model paint from your local hobby shop---should be good as new--better than it is now. The clear portion of the top could be eliminated by using plastic lens cleaning kit from your local auto parts store. It's used to restore plastic headlight lenses. So easily and cheaply fixed. I'll leave that to the new owner. If you're just a bit handy you can make this look new again. I graded the table "4 Average" here which really just pertains to the cosmetics but is in Like New condition from a working order point of view. The straight line tracking and automatic features of this great turntable are exquisite...they don't make turntables like this anymore. Starting at a great introductory price. AGAIN, DOES NOT INCLUDE CARTRIDGE.  

BeoGram 3300 Record Deck Product Specifications:
Tonearm: Tangential Optimum Pivot Point 
Motor Servo-controlled DC 
Wow and flutter: < 0.06 % 
Rumble DIN weighted: >80 dB 

Rumble DIN unweighted: >55 dB 
Speeds: 33-45 rpm 
Speed deviation: <+/- 0.2 % 

Power supply: 190 - 265 V 
Power consumption: < 10 W 

Dimensions W x H x D: 42 x 7.5 x 32.5cm 
Weight 5.3 kg 
Link compatibility: Data Link

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