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FREE SHIPPING IN LOWER 48 STATES FREE SET UP BY ANALOGUE ARTISAN A 1 Series TT with Remote Control VTA/ SRA Arm Pod Finally a company that THINKS out of the box. The Worlds First Remote Control VTA / SRA Just imagine sitting in your chair with a Remote Control so you can dial your sound from record to record or during play. AMAZING I SAY AMAZING. Remote control VTA / SRA armpod with just a push of a button from your chair, dial your VTA up or down .001thousands at a time, or holding the button down VTA can be dialed in for the perfect listening experience. Arm Pod also has a dial indicator so you will know where your at. The Magic is at. Listening for that blend of highs and bass. With the Analogue Artisan remote control armpod, you can dial in from the sweet spot ( your listening chair ) and find the sweet spot in the vinyl. You will have so much fun finding the MAGIC in the vinyl. When you move VTA .001 you moved SRA in seconds of a degree in the groove. LET THE MUSIC OF THE VINYL COME ALIVE NOW. From Expressimo Audio to Analogue Artisan. Analogue Artisan came to be because after some time of hand building Turntables and the Artisan I am, it only seemed right to step away from the Expressimo Audio and call myself Analogue Artisan. I manufacturer every part myself right here in a little town of Lincoln, NH. Back to why the development of Moving VTA. First off, if you set 92 / 91 ½ degrees by microscope or by ear you will always need to move VTA from record to record or from the outside of the record to the inside of record. Most records are not flat. They can be out as much as .015 + thousands from the outside to the inside. You can hear .005 thousands of VTA Movement easily. Records are not only flat they come in different thickness, from 150 160 180 200 grams from .045 to .100 + thousands thick . Now just think about this for a minute with me. My Mongoose 12 inch arm at 1 degree movement measures .209 thousands. So .052 thousands = 15 minutes of 1 degree, .052 thousands is a lot of movement of VTA. There is also VTF, The Mongoose arm has a ultra fine VTF adjustment which again can be heard. .010 .015 of a gram can be heard easily. Developing a remote control arm pod, involves a TON of MATH and Geometry. Analogue Artisans TT are so sensitive to what they are placed on. It is said that a good instrument with harmonic PLAYS ITSELF. And they really do. No cartridge included All Expressimo Audios Turntables are setup by EXPRESSIMO AUDIO. Please call BRIAN or email me with any question. YOU CAN READ MORE AT ANALOGUEARTISAN * A 1 Series has a 10 year warranty * 2" Delrin Platter, 12 pounds. Platter is relieved on the outside for the lip of the record. Also relieved on the inside for record labels. * 5" inch long for Stability and Long Life. 3/8 Diameter. Spindle is bolted into the platter so NO traveling noise will get to the record. * Plinth; is 2" Delrin directly coupled to 2" Stainless Steel, 33 pounds, Brass adjustable feet. * AC Synchronous Motor one of the best motors in the industry. Custom machined Alum Motor housing. Decoupled Delrin motor plate for noise and vibration. Timing is dead on. The motor has a separate Switch box off housing. This is so you do not touch the motor housing. ANALOGUE ARTISAN Speed Controller 33.33 and 45. * Expressimo's Lock Down Record Clamp. There is no other Lock down clamp like this on the market to date. This is a special designed Lock Down, pushing the record flat to the Delrin Platter making the Vinyl one with the Platter. * The Gold Mongoose has proprietary amount of 24k gold plated giving the arm a magnificent sound! Each arm is sound tested for a true note pitch, this is the difference in the music. Pitch Perfect! * It took Science and Geometry and out of the BOX THINKING to design the Mongoose Tonearm. * Designed with Zero VTF when moving VTA * Azimuth adjust at the rear of the arm wand. Specially designed tool for fine adjustment. * 3 other Half Moon Heavy Weight sizes are Included. Designed for cartridge weights of 6 gm up to 16 gm. * Ultra fine ,one touch tracking force adjustment. * One Touch Cartridge Over Hang on the Fly Alignment. Go from Lofgren Baerwald to Stevenson on the FLY. * Special proprietary bearings. * The Gold Mongoose Tonearm is unmatched in stability. Has a 2" wide yoke from bearing to bearing. * Wired with Expressimo Audio’s exclusive proprietary 99.99% Purity Silver wire. * You also get a special designed Indicator arm wand. This allows you to indicate from Arm pod to the top of the platter. Expressimo Audio is a Master Tool Maker. Making custom tooling * The Total movement of the arm pod VTA is .650 So if the arm is parallel in the middle of POD you can move up .325 and Down .325. One degree on 12 inch arm is .209 Thousands * The Gold Mongoose Tonearm is uniquely designed like no other tonearm. The Gold Mongoose Tonearm has zero tracking force when moving the VTA. That is what gives Expressimo Audio the ability to design a Arm pod that moves VTA / SRA with Remote Control giving you, in real time on the fly movement. * How you ask? Science and Geometry. There is another force that’s rarely talked about and that is the vector force. This is the rotation of the platter, the down force of the cartridge and the placement of the pivot point. When you have the pivot point above the platter your tonearm gets pushed up. Tracking force is lost in the groove. With the Mongooses Geometry there is no loss of tracking force. * Neutral balance means no zeroing of the tonearm. Mongoose doesn’t have a "see-sawing" affect. The Mongoose Tonearm always tracks in the perfect place in the vinyl. Now you will hear the right spatial ques, the right placement , space , depth, and air between the instruments. A center that will blow you away. * The Effective Mass of the Mongoose arm is designed for Med and Low Compliance cartridges. * To check Frequency Response use the HiFi Test Record. * Expressimo has the Tooling to get the Effective Length precise. The tooling comes with the tonearm and arm pod. Effective Length and the Over hang must be correct. * The main Effective Length is 11.950" × 25.4 = / 303.53mm Mongoose Effective Length 303.53mm = 11.950 inches parameter Baerwald pivot to spindle (mm) 289.715 effective length (mm) 303.53 overhang (mm) 13.815 offset angle ° 17.930 How to go from mm to inches = .03937 × How to go from inches to mm = 25.4 × * Stevenson - a variation on Löfgren geometry optimized for low distortion at the inner groove at the expense of increased distortion elsewhere. compared to Baerwald or Löfgren B you will get lower distortion for the last few mm of the record * Baerwald (identical to Löfgren A) - minimizes and equalizes distortion at the three weighted tracking error peaks resulting in moderate distortion between the inner and outer grooves * Löfgren B - minimizes distortion between the inner and outer grooves resulting in the lowest average RMS distortion at the expense of slightly higher distortion close to the inner and outer grooves
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