Garrard 301 ClassicAudi Pearlescent White by Artisan Fidelity Garrard 301 Classic Audi Pearlescent White by Artisan FidelityPositive Feedback Online Article by Jeff Day Quote:"To give you an idea of the level of artistry involved, Christopher's Artisan Fidelity Garrard 301 Statement Plinth easily rivals the fit & fi...8795.00

Garrard 301 Classic Audi Pearlescent White by Artisan Fidelity [Expired]

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Positive Feedback Online Article by Jeff Day Quote:

"To give you an idea of the level of artistry involved, Christopher's Artisan Fidelity Garrard 301 Statement Plinth easily rivals the fit & finish of my Gibson Custom Shop Brazilian Rosewood & Adirondack Spruce Advanced Jumbo guitar, and with a musical prowess to match its artisan musical instrument-like level of craftsmanship."

The 12th Annual Positive Feedback Writers’ Choice Awards – The Best of the Best! 

Breathtaking beautiful Artisan Fidelity Garrard 301 Classic Audi Pearlescent White plinth with Panzerholz tonearm board finished in high gloss clear coat, includes set of (3/ea.) Stillpoints Ultra SS.  (Please note: Tonearm - Schroeder CB-1 and Miyajima Mono cartridge are not included in asking price).  To the best of our knowledge, no higher quality Garrard 301 wood based plinth currently exists on the market, period. The conventional Russian Birch based hybrid core internal design architecture ensures silent backgrounds and ample dampening for mass loading and direct coupling of the non-suspended Garrard 301 idler drive.  The displayed configuration is ready to accommodate a single, nine to twelve inch effective length tonearm.  Tonearm board milled from resonant damped German Panzerholz.  Like our Statement models, although the void-less plinth design is technically high mass, it is not in any way over damped, unlike many recent designs which often inhibit liveliness in favor of darkness and deadness, robbing the Garrard 301 of its inherent life, vibrancy and energy. Our conventional composite Russian Birch recipe simply allows the maximum energy of the musical landscape to flow without hindrance.  Veneer thickness vary, depending upon wood species and ranges from 1/24" - 1/7" are typical after final sanding and prior to finishing.  For clientele having specific design/material application requests, we provide a myriad of premium core construction and tonearm board materials for your consideration.  These materials may range from Russian Birch, domestic hardwoods, imported exotic hardwoods, German Panzerholz, aircraft aluminum alloys, austenitic steels, Marine Brass and Acetal Copolymers / Homopolymers.  Our hand selected team consists of 3rd generation master woodworkers combined with a state of the art machining and finishing facility. Our Garrard 301 plinth designs were carefully tuned by ear and finely developed over a period of 4 years for the ultimate musical expression and tonal characteristics. Each Garrard 301 plinth is now individually laid out, core hand assembled, bonded set and precision CNC milled on a state of the art Bridgeport mill, then painstakingly hand finished using premium sealers and surface coatings.

Garrard 301 Schedule 2 Oil Bearing Restoration Includes:
Limited 2 year Warranty
Brand New Replacement factory type Idler wheel with new rubber outer periphery.
Brand new 60Hz or 50Hz Precision machined Brass Motor pulley .
Garrard 301 stock motor restoration including, flush, fresh oil lubrication, bushing realignment, contact cleanse and stock coil check by certified bench technician.
Comprehensive frame off parts and fastener restoration, re lube + grease and ultra sonic deep cleaning of linkage components including spring soak.
Contact cleanse, polish and treatment of electrical contacts.
Complete main bearing flush, inspection, deep cleanse ultra sonic treatment, micro polish shaft, fresh low viscosity oil filled and gasket replacement.
Brand New Spark Suppressor module.
Brand New Speed control and On/Off switches.
Brand New Face and Factory Type Garrard 301 Controller Plates and rivets.
Factory Garrard 301 Sand Blasted and completely automotive Black paint refinished main chassis.
Resurfaced + re painted Black matte paint Garrard factory aluminum platter.
Polished and inspected factory Eddy Current Brake disc.
Brand New Power Cord included.
Brand New (or) restored stock type rubber mat with Garrard factory logo.
48 Hour run in check.
Package includes:  Artisan Fidelity Garrard 301 Classic model turntable, Matching Black Gloss / Panzerholz blank armboard, Stillpoints Ultra SS oem footers (3/ea.).

Professional ISPM-15 Stamped Certified crate supplied for safe worldwide delivery.

Please note:  Typically, each Garrard 301 Classic model remains individually hand crafted to order, so please contact us directly for current production lead times.

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