Garrard 301Motor UnitGarrard 301 Motor Unit with 60hz strobe platterJust a nice, original, fully refurbished Garrard 301, ready to give many more years of trouble free operation. Save yourself the effort of buying used, and having it refurbished. This deck is ...2650.00

Garrard 301 Motor Unit with 60hz strobe platter [Expired]

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Just a nice, original, fully refurbished Garrard 301, ready to give many more years of trouble free operation.    
Save yourself the effort of buying used, and having it refurbished.  This deck is ready to go.      
  Rated 8/10 with it's age considered.    On strip down,  the motor shaft, and the main bearing both showed only minimal wear.  Idler wheel bushings showed wear, but barely needed to be replaced.   In our professional opinion, thios deck has seen relatively little use in it's lifetime.
Plinth is not part of this listing, it is only used as a support for the 301, and to show how the 301 might look in a plinth.

 Complete strip down to chassis,  face plates removed.   Everything deep ultrasonic cleaned.  Original enamel polished, 'leaving no trace', just a clean, clean, nice chassis.  There is a faint dust bug mark, but nothing serious.    Faceplates riveted back on with stainless rivets to match the original ones.   
   Most all 301 chassis have some chipping of the enamel around the mounting holes.   This one is in great shape, with only very minimal chipping.   Faceplates clean and shiny with only few and minimal flaws.     
Motor coils checked, sintered bronze bushings cleansed of the old lubricant, bushings recharged with new, correct lubricant in a vacuum chamber to ensure no voids in the porous bronze structure.  New felt oiling rings installed in the motor casing.  Motor shaft polished.  New thrust ball bearing installed in motor.  Speed checked.    This motor showed minimal wear, comparatively, for a 301, it has had much less run time than many 301s.     
Eddy brake linkage axle checked for proper alignment.   Linkages lubricated, checked for smooth operation, adjusted as necessary to provide super smooth, correct operation, that the linkages move exactly as they were intended, and in many cases, better than how they came from the factory when new.    
  All new springs installed.   New idler tower grommits. New spring damper rubbers.     
New 60hz pulley.  This deck has the 60hz platter,  so any light source on 60hz will enable the use of the strobe pattern.  This is very handy!  Platter is in very good, clean cosmetic shape.   (Just noticed the small piece of metallic tape on the brass drive pulley.  This was an 'indicator mark' for the tachometer used to check for correct speed after the motor is rebuilt.   The tape is now removed, pulley is clean.   
Clean, original rubber mat in very good condition.     
Main spindle bearing polished, bearing housing cleaned of the old lubricant, recharged with the correct lubricant, sealed to prevent any oil leaks.   
New spark supressor, and switch contacts cleaned.   Wiring harness cleaned, wiring block connections checked and re-terminated where necessary.    
  New felt ring for main bearing.  New felt brake pad.    
New sintered bronze idler wheel bushings.    
Everything is carefully assembled, then run for 48 hours and checked, adjusted as necessary.
Idler wheel is in excellent shape.  This deck is running very quietly.    

Woodsong Audio has been specializing in building turntables based on the Garrard 301/ 401 idler drive platform for the past 14 years.   These are amazing decks.    

We are happy to build this into a deck for you,  plinth only, or a turnkey turntable.   Please contact us directly for more information.

Thank you for looking.
Chris Harban
Woodsong Audio.

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