GEM DandyPolyTableGEM Dandy PolyTable TurntableIntroducing the New PolyTable SUPER 12. The SUPER 12 added features are: 12" Jelco Tonearm Easy; Azimuth- Zenith- VTA- SRA- VTF- Antiskate Adjustment Digital Motor Drive (speed accuracy...2995.00

GEM Dandy PolyTable Turntable [Expired]

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Introducing the New PolyTable SUPER 12.

The SUPER 12 added features are:

12" Jelco Tonearm    Easy; Azimuth- Zenith- VTA- SRA- VTF- Antiskate Adjustment

 Digital Motor Drive (speed accuracy 2 parts per million) with onboard strobe wand. This allows for world wide use (60 or 50 HZ)

Fluid Damped Drive Motor. As used in the original Heirloom and Merrill-Williams 101.2 This allows the PolyTable to compete and outperform  tables costing tens of thousands.

Hand built in the USA by George Merrill one at a time for the music lover.  

Taking orders now $2995.00

  Stunning review and class B recognition for the AS-750D from Michael Fremer (August 2016) .

The Absolute Sound "Product of The Year" A super review in FEB 2016 issue

GEM DANDY PolyTable The PolyTable is designed by George Merrill and manufactured in the USA for the music lover who wishes to own a quality turntable but is on a budget. The design criteria is to provide a quality product for anyone purchasing their first true high performance turntable. The looks are striking. The sound performance will best any table in the price category and way beyond. One reason for the excellent sound quality is, Energy Management Design. As shown on the photo of the spectrum analyzer the chassis resonance frequency is the ideal 19HZ,away from arm cartridge problems and below recorded information. My products are not loaded with fancy polished gimmicks just excellent engineering.     With Jelco SA-250 $1495.00, SA-750D $1695.00, SA-750E 10 inch $1895.00 Optional Poly Weight add $59.95 Optional Digital Motor Drive add $690.00 Features •Plinth is designed to minimize energy flow. No metal or glass. •Two piece platter system with Damped drive platter. •RCC Mat bonded to the record support platter. •Oil Well Bearing. •Adjustable leveling feet. •As with the most expensive tone arms the supplied tone arms features VTF adjustment, VTA adjustment and azimuth adjustment. This allows an upgrade to any cartridge. •A quality 1.5 meter Audioquest tonearm cable is provided. •33.3 - 45 RPM operation- 60 Hz operation. 50 Hz available. •World wide operation with the optional Digital Motor Drive. •Many cartridges available. •George Merrill's Analog Emporium The Phono System Chain

What Should I Purchase first? by George Merrill The audio system chain is comprised of individual components. Each one of these components adds to the final outcome of the chains flavor or thumb print in the form of detail, tonal balance, three dimension imaging and noise. Each component has what I call a “sonic personality” The component that has the most pronounced sonic personality is the speaker. One of the reasons for the wide range of its sonic personality is the speaker performs a triple transition of electrical to mechanical to acoustic energy. The speaker component will have the most influence on the final sonic personality of the system. Electronic amplification components ( phono stage, preamp and power amp) will have a major influence on the sonic personality. The speaker and interconnect cables are components. Again these cables can and will render a large change in the sonic personality. The final component, the turntable system consists of three parts, the turntable, tonearm and cartridge. The cartridge turns mechanical energy (stylus movement ) into electrical energy. Cartridges vary in design, an example of these variations is in the different materials used in the cantilever (aluminum, boron, ruby, ect ). These variations in design have a major effect on shading the cartridge’s sonic personality. The turntable and the tonearm are the only pure mechanical parts to the whole system. The cutting lathe that produced the master is damped to the best possible degree to remove every trace of self generated energy and even to the point of it being mounted on a isolated concrete pad. Allowing only the undulation from the cutting stylus to carve out the grooves in the master. During playback the stylus traces the undulations in the groove and transfers this movement to the cartridge electrical generator. The only movement the stylus should experience is the movement caused by the grooves. The turntable and the tonearm should add nothing in the way of energy reflections or noise to cloud this process. The turntable and tonearm should have NO sonic personality. An article on called Thoughts on Turntable Design will go into greater detail about design. The first components to purchase in your quest for sonic nirvana is a “Energy Management Design” turntable and tonearm. This is the start of the signal chain and is the heart. The right choice will allow the maximum performance from the entire chain The cartridge you choose can be a super performer or it can be of the get me started type which can be used as a backup as you move up. You are now on your way! Always remember “The Heart of the System is the Start of the System”

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