GEM (George E. Merrill)Dandy PolyTableGEM (George E. Merrill) Dandy PolyTable TurntableEast End Hi-Fi are authorized dealers for GEM (George E. Merrill) Dandy PolyTable turntables. We are selling a brand new PolyTable that comes standard with the 9" Jelco SA-250 arm. This can be up...1495.00

GEM (George E. Merrill) Dandy PolyTable Turntable [Expired]

no longer for sale

East End Hi-Fi are authorized dealers for GEM (George E. Merrill) Dandy PolyTable turntables.  We are selling a brand new PolyTable that comes standard with the 9" Jelco SA-250 arm.  This can be upgraded to the Jelco 9" SA-750D tonearm for $1695.00, or to the 10" Jelco SA-750E tonearm for $1895.00.  Also available is the Digital Motor Drive (same unit as on the Merrill-Williams REAL 101.2!) The PolyWeight goes for $69.00.  Made in the USA!

The Poly Table just received The Absolute Sound's "Budget Product of the Year Award" for 2015!!

Here's what Julie Mullen of TAS had to say about the table:

"The former shone with powerful climaxes that exceeded my expectations. The latter, a recording that’s prone to sounding slightly bright on a few systems, was eproduced quite cleanly, with its midrange-centric instrumentation and percussive punches rendered intact."

"Once I switched to a moving-coil cartridge, namely the entry-level PS-7 from Air Tight, the sense of realism only increased."

"With this setup, I spun so many records across so many genres that I have a hard time culling examples."

"The point I’m making here is one of scale—of cost-to-performance ratios. We know JV’s reference system—hell, just his turntable, tonearm, and cartridge—costs upwards of 120 times the price of the PolyTable. The point is that the performance it provides, as great as it is, is not 100 times better than that of the PolyTable. Overall, the system with the PolyTable delivered a very solid, very musical presentation, albeit with a midrange emphasis, across a broad spectrum of instruments."

"If you’re an analog lover who doesn’t have a big living space and/or a big budget, this high-value, small-footprint, belt-driven turntable could be just your ticket. From setup to playback to overall musical enjoyment, I found the PolyTable to be a delight in every way."

"With both the mm and mc cartridges I tried, the PolyTable delivered serious analog pleasure worthy of far bigger bucks. A gem, indeed."

Record Collector News in May just said:

"The Poly Table is George’s $1,500 true high performance turntable" "and it looks and sounds awsome"

"The PolyTable has something going for it. Look for the PolyTable as well as the Merrill-Williams 101.2 turntables at THE Show Newport this June 3,4,5. or Rocky Mountain Audio Fest or at George Merrill’s website, I really don’t think you can go wrong. I have to make this turntable mine."

Whether it's Classical, Jazz, or Rock, the GEM Dandy PolyTablre will perform
mightily. For interested parties in the Long Island area, please visit East End Hi-Fi for a demo. We will help you transform your LP collection back into music again!

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