Kodo TurntablesBeatKodo Turntables Beat Direct Drive (magnetic)Rarely on Audiogon- Kodo Beat Turntable. Direct Drive, (magnetic system) that has won many "Best of Shows". Unit is in excellent condition with no dents, dings or scratches. Kuzma 4 point t...14500.00

Kodo Turntables Beat Direct Drive (magnetic) [Expired]

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Rarely on Audiogon- Kodo Beat Turntable. Direct Drive, (magnetic system) that has won many "Best of Shows". Unit is in excellent condition with no dents, dings or scratches. Kuzma 4 point tonearm and cartridge are not included. If interested, they are available separately. " At the heart of the BEAT lies an extremely low cogging 3 phase AC true synchronous motor which weighs 3 times as much as the SP10 mkii motor and has 400% more torque. This torque is also adjustable to suit room and listening preferences. Crucial to the design is that the cryo treated bearing is completely isolated; there is no direct mechanical contact between the motor and the platter. The layered platter and constrained layer plinth materials were selected after exhaustive research to provide the exact amount and type of internal damping. The armboards have sophisticated isolation devices built into the unit and the acoustically reflective plinth itself, and power supply, sit on stillpoints ultra 5 feet as standard. The BEAT is an amazingly quiet deck. It also has incredible speed stability and it’s drive system imparts zero noise into the platter/stylus interface. Because of all of this, notes remain in perfect pitch, musicians and instruments seem locked together in a way that you simply don't associate with vinyl, complex arrangements are unravelled in the most effortlessly coherent manner and the deck is underpinned by a sense of stability, drive and perfectly in time bass which I've yet to hear from any belt driven design. The BEAT, as its namesake suggests, keeps time like very few other decks have ever managed. With its high torque motor this turntable delivers a sense of power, leading edge authority and musical energy to the room which is deeply compelling; musical crescendos and densely populated transients seem to have so much bandwidth and dynamic headroom. Because of the correct speed and lack of motor noise, music also has incredible focus, soundstaging and microdynamics; beautifully textured notes are allowed to bloom and decay with amazingly lifelike realism, musical images take on a razor sharp physical presence in a seemingly limitless portion of space. This is not another ‘me too’ design, not another pretty variation on existing hackneyed themes, but a genuinely newfangled all out assault. It takes Steve a minimum of 4-6 weeks to hand assemble each BEAT, the subjective feel and crafsmanship is first rate and a selection of 1 to 3 tonearms can be accomodated. The BEAT lives in some of the top 5 or 10 Hifi systems on Audiogon, it has won countless ‘best in show’ awards at CES and Rocky Mountain, and Frank Shroeder has chosen it personally to best showcase his latest range of tonearms. It was developed using the established all-time Grandmaster of turntables, the Rockport Sirius 3, as a benchmark for properties such as noise floor, focus, soundstaging and indeed, it sits alongside Rockports, Continuums, Walkers and top end Reel to Reel machines in living rooms the world over."
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