Linn SondekLP12Linn Sondek LP12 A Most Beautiful Linn LP12 in actionMost beautiful LP12 woodplinth; very beautiful LP12 sound. If you are looking for a used Linn LP12, look no further: you won't find a more beautiful woodplinth and top plate (please check the pi...850.00

Linn Sondek LP12 A Most Beautiful Linn LP12 in action [Expired]

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Most beautiful LP12 woodplinth; very beautiful LP12 sound. If you are looking for a used Linn LP12, look no further: you won't find a more beautiful woodplinth and top plate (please check the pictures carefully). Selling an expertly set up Linn LP12. This one comes with Akito tonearm, Audio Technica AT-OC5 MC cartridge, and Linn Valhalla PSU. The buyer can enjoy the great Linn sound right away. This is a most beautiful Linn LP12: the woodplinth is really pretty, the top plate (steel), the inner platter & outer platter are exceptionally shinny. The lid is generally good. The woodplinth and top plate and arm is a 9/10 condition. With the lid I list this LP12 as 8/10 condition. This Linn LP12 has been professionally set up by me. As a result it yields very beautiful sound. Please check out the video links below. The good news is, the Vahalla power supply allows 110/220 volts with just a switch of wire. Whether you are in USA, Asia, Europe you can hook up the LP12 and enjoy music right away. Notes about this Linn LP12: (1) Simply put, it has been set up with careful attention to important details, ready for the Linn LP12 buyer to plug and play and enjoy music. (2) Check the wood plinth and you can see that this LP12 is very beaufitul. This one is the most beautiful I have ever set up. (3) The smoke lid is used but looks smooth with minor scratches. (4) The top plate has been professionally cleaned, showing the shinning beauty of its appearance. (5) The motor is as quiet as my other new motor. It has been properly set up at a proper angle and was tightened with the right force. The belt is in healthy condition. The Valhalla power supply is in great condition. (6) The three springs are new and the three long metal screws have been given lithium grease to ensure proper functioning so that the armboard and the platter bounce nicely. (7) The bearing housing has been cleaned and given new oil, and the bearing and the inner platter are in proper order, ensuring many years of performance. The Valhalla power supply is in very healthy condition. (8) The original Linn tonearm cable has new, high quality 24K gold-plated RCA to guarantee pure passage of signals. Then the cable is tightened and set at a proper angle inside the turntable, making sure there is no pulling effect that may affect the sound. The Linn Akito tonearm is in great condition. It passed the swing test in flying colors. Even the headshell looks clean. The armboard is in beautiful condition too. The Audio Technica MC cartridge sounds very good and it still have a lot of life. (9) The result is that this expertly set up Linn Sondek LP12 simply plays music beautifully. You know, Linn LP12 is very musical, and when expertly setup it gives a very satisfied sound. If you are looking for a properly set up Linn Sondek LP12 that can help you enjoy music, look no further. In the context of my Sophia Electric 300B monoblocks power amps, with CAT preamp, JBL loudspeakers ($500US bought on ebay), this LP12 just performs and excels. To me it's musically and emotionally satisfying. Listen to this Linn LP12 below and believe in your ears. A new double Linn box is used for shipping. It was used only once (having the box shipped to me). Cartridge return: There is an option of cartridge return: If for any reasons that the buyer do not want the cartridge in this package (like, you want to use your own), he/she can return the Audio Technica cartridge to me, and I can refund the buyer an amount of $75.00US. The buyer pays returns shipping cost. Shipping to the 48 lower US States will be by FedEx or UPS ground. Shipping outside the 48 States will be via USPS Express Mail International. I will ship in five days after receiving paypal payment (due to heavy workload). World wide shipping outside the 48 states is via FedEx/UPS (FedEx is closer to home). No returns accepted. Thanks for watching [and listening]. Paypal user please add 3%. Buyer pay exact shipping cost. If using check/cheque, I will ship after it's cleared. Please watch the following demo videos (using the exact LP12 advertised here): (1) Bob Marley: Is this love (2) Lobo: How can I tell her (3) Mary Black: God bless the child (some noise on the LP but you can hear Mary Black singing beautifully). (4) 童麗:一水隔天涯 Thanks for watching [and listening].
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