Micro SeikiRX/RY 1500 (230V)Micro Seiki RX/RY 1500 (230V) FR64S & Sumiko MMT and more- PRICE REDUCED - 26 years in the hands of the first owner and well cared of ! Condition rating 8/10 very conservative and only due to age.Looks is 9/10. No scratches.This is a very rare opportunit...9900.00

Micro Seiki RX/RY 1500 (230V) FR64S & Sumiko MMT and more [Expired]

no longer for sale

- PRICE REDUCED - 26 years in the hands of the first owner and well cared of ! Condition rating 8/10 very conservative and only due to age.
Looks is 9/10. No scratches.

This is a very rare opportunity to buy an excellent conditioned turntable/tonearm/cartridge package with some very special and rare items. This is only interesting for Micro Seiki / Fidelity Research enthusiasts. This package will not be devided in pieces, can be purchased only complete. I am kindly asking for your understanding.

1. Turntable
RX/RY 1500 with aluminum platter. With separate motor stand RS1500 and two long belts (one spare part). Very important and often not attached: Additional stabilizer weight (I think it was called RW1500)for the RX1500 when used with external motor stand is also attached (appr. 5kg, made of cast iron, screwed to the bottom of the chassis - original Micro Seiki part). Many users separate the motor without adding this weight. With the additional weight the mass of the mass/spring system of the chassis thus the resonance frequency is lowered to the exact frequency. Includes all original accessories like screw drivers, short belt, string etc. Original purchasing bill from 1986 proves that I am the first owner. Also included is the original Micro Seiki arm base, currently not in use. The system has in spite of its age pretty low hours. Platter bearing without damage/play and never opened. No repairs ever.

2. Tonearms
Fidelity Research FR64S silver with original and also a light weight headshell (see picture) in excellent condition. Very rare item: Stabilizer nut N60 is included (also with box). Special tonearm base for this tonearm and the original tonearm cable is included as well.

Sumiko Premier MMT with very rare VTA adjustment. Original boxes for these items are also included. A special arm base has been designed to mount the MMT with the VTA adjustment to the RX1500. This is included as well. Also with original tomearm cable.

3. Cartridges
Shelter 501Mk2 with less than 50 hours. Original box will be included. Ortofon Virtus with appr. 500 hours. Lower output than the shelter. Not used for some years now.

Additional information:

The RX/RY1500 has been purchased new in box in 1986, it was not a demo item. Even the tiniest parts like the little pins on the dust cover are there and not blemished somehow. All original boxes, even the box of the RS1500 motor stand are there. These items have been bought in Germany from the original importers back then as indicated by some stickers on it. As this package is pretty precious for lovers of these turntables I recommend local pick-up. Transport can be managed but should be done with an additional wooden box, that would take some time and add some costs.

To summarize the package:
RX/RY1500/RS1500/4 tonearm bases/FR64S/N60/lighter headshell from FR/ Premier MMT/Ortofon Virtus/Shelter 501Mk2 and all original accessories for each item in original boxes. Some old press documents will also be included.

Price in Europe: 8000�

Overall condition is way better than one would expect after 26 years. Non-smoking environment. Owner is a definitive audio enthusiast. Local pick-up preferred.Thanks for your interest.
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