Nakamichi Dragon CT ComputerTurntable w/platter centeringNakamichi Dragon CT Computer Turntable w/platter centering all electronlytic caps are upgradedBecause of moving I need to sell one of this things and to help get this in someone hands who will enjoy it I am bringing the price down for the last time to 2000.00 plus shipping and 3% for Paypal...2000.00

Nakamichi Dragon CT Computer Turntable w/platter centering all electronlytic caps are upgraded [Expired]

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Because of moving I need to sell one of this things and to help get this in someone hands who will enjoy it I am bringing the price down for the last time to 2000.00 plus shipping and 3% for Paypal. I will let it go to the first one with the money. Thanks and good luck. This is a beautiful monster of a turntable. Everything on it works great but I broke one foot cover, not the foot but just the cover and I super glued it back together and it is fine. I also broke the little lifter on the album centering arm in the back if looking at the front. It is not the arm that holds the cartridge. I super glued it perfectly but it just did not want to work right, so I removed the little tab in the back of the holder and it works perfectly. It moves around but it does not bother the function of that arm. You say how did I break two different things and the answer is I had to take it completely apart to upgrade all those electrolytic caps and the person who owned it lost the holders that come with the table. They are only for holding up the table when working on it and like most things that are never used people loose them or throw them away not thinking they are important. These do not effect the playing at all, so no worries. It is good condition other wise with no scratches or anything like that that I have seen. How many techs or any body for matter put the bad things in the first part of the ad? Most put it at the end or try to cover it up but I do things like I want them done with myself. I hope it shows I care about you too! I went back and finally found my paper with all the parts I used and I did 39 upgrades to this player. I used only the best electrolytic caps, no local electronic store caps or cheap wire or cheap RCA's. It even has a glass platter that is about 3/8" or so that goes on top of the metal platter and then a very good rubber mat. You push a button and the back arm has a needle type of cartridge on it and it comes out and makes sure the turntable knows where the tracks are on the album. It also has a button on top of the spindle that you push to center the glass platter too. As you can tell from the pictures I have removed those old RCA's and put some very good ones and I have upgraded the tone arm wire inside the arm wand only. With the new wire and RCA's the sound is EXCELLENT and the clarity is KILLER. The weight is 44 lbs and 1 oz according the original owner's manual that will go with the table. If you were wanting one of these tables this is the one as with top of the line caps in it now, MUCH MUCH better wire and RCA's you cannot beat this one. Shipping is going to be high because of it's size I will have to use at least a couple of boxes maybe to make sure it arrives safely. If I did not need the money this one would stay with me, but a GREAT friend of mine helped me with this unit. It is direct drive which they now know with a good motor design is much better than they want people to know. It plays both 33 and 45's and has auto start and stop which I think is way better than having to scratch your album every time you put the needle down by hand or having to stop every thing you are doing while listening to albums so your cartridge will not get wore out and start digging a ditch on the end of your beloved album. It also comes with some thing they call a disc stabilizer which goes on top of the album like a weight and it is heavy. The cartridge on it does not go as I only had it on there for test purposes. The feet are adjustable which also makes sure you can get the best of the music. There is so much more that I could say but I think you get the message; this is a killer player that is rare and works completely. Why take a chance on one, if you can find one that might or might not work, when this one has been made better than new. I will try to explain why I upgrade everything. First and foremost it is for MUCH better sound. Then it is to make sure it does not go up in smoke. What most people do not understand about electrolytic caps mainly and some older film caps is they WILL go totally out (at a date of their choosing) and really even new ones especially on computers or anything where the temp. is high. Has your computer stopped lately? Caps most likely! When that happens you usually will see smoke and we all know what that is but if not that means you have just let a piece of history die. Most of the time it can be fixed but now at a much greater cost and trouble. In a few cases that can be the end period because some of the active parts can no longer be gotten. Why play with fire on a nice piece of history and sound? What happens to a lot of electronics is the caps dry up and then loose their ability to hold a charge for more than a few minutes or hours and they should hold that charge for a long time, weeks and even months. That is why most stuff starts to loose it's good sound or they might sound distorted because the DC Offset is allowed to get over 100mV or a cap or etc. has gone out. Yes, depending on where the part is it could go out and the unit will still work. Not good but they can work for a time. Sadly a worse thing can happen when they go completely out they will cause other active parts to burn up and resistors too. Yes, those caps are like we humans; once they get some age (around 10 years or less on some especially the older ones caps) and they can no longer do what they once could easily do. Does this sound familiar? I hear all the time I like the original sound when they are talking about a 20 to 40 year piece of equipment. What is lost in this statement is you are NO longer hearing the original sound because all the electrolytic caps are dried up. Now there is nothing wrong with likening that sound but you are playing with fire. One day those caps are going to go completely or cause another part to go and smoke. Caps are like batteries and yes, you can keep dead batteries in a flashlight but as soon as the switch goes on it might light for a second and then nothing. Now you are right it does not tear the flashlight up right away but it is useless as a light and if you leave those batteries in there too long; well you end up throwing the light away because of the mess. Now some older film caps are also time bombs, just waiting for their time to make your day. Again, I am sorry to take up some much space on my soap box but I believe this needed to be said. Please forgive me but I do care about you and these wonderful old and some of the newer better units. I hope this helps! Please feel free to call me with any questions but please be patient with me as I am still having to do many things outside of audio since, my dad passed away last month. My number is 865 463-0743 EST Monday through Saturday from 10am to 9pm. I have moved in with my mom to help her so please no late calls, thanks! May God Bless America and Keep Our Troops Safe! Buyer must pay all shipping and I will use very good or new boxes with only top packing materials, meaning NO paper! It would be great if someone could pick this one up too!!!! I only charge actually shipping but I will not know what that will be until I pack it. Email any of my past customers and they will tell you how I pack and especially ones that have bought turntables. Payment can be made by PayPal (the buyer must pay the 3% and have a confirmed address), money order or personal check. All payments must clear before I will ship. Thanks for your interest and enjoy the music!
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