Origin Live Sovereign Turntable, "5/5 Stars - We Can'tOrigin Live Sovereign  Turntable, "5/5 Stars - We Can't Recommend this Highly Enough", See Review, Free ShipWANT a Faster Response? Email us directly at jay@audiorevelation.com rather than thru the Audiogon system. Thanks in advance! To see all our Bargains and Special Deals, CLICK HERE! We are...6500.00

Origin Live Sovereign Turntable, "5/5 Stars - We Can't Recommend this Highly Enough", See Review, Free Ship [Expired]

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WANT a Faster Response? Email us directly at jay@audiorevelation.com rather than thru the Audiogon system. Thanks in advance! To see all our Bargains and Special Deals, CLICK HERE! We are proud to represent many of the world's finest Audio Brands - CLICK HERE for a complete list!

"An Outstanding and Natural Pairing - Highly Recommended", HiFi+!

Likely the highest sonic value in upper-end tables. New MK3-2 version includes motor, platter, power supply and transformer upgrades over previous versions!

Origin has three optional tonearm to compliment the Origin Live Sovereign MK3 Turntable. Shown with optional Origin Live Enterprise Tonearm. Also available with dual armboard. Cartridge not included - many choices available. 

Audio Revelation is a knowledgeable analog expert with 10-12 turntables, tonearms and 15+ cartridges on demo ready for audition. Our extensive experience with over 50 turntables and even more cartridges in various combinations means we'll be able to help you find the sound you're looking for.


"Sovereign" Reviews

"It's one of those rare turntables that doubles as a time machine; you don't just play an  album, you are transported to where you were when you first heard that album. Records you know well suddenly sound like this is the first time you've heard them, and you can give the Sovereign/Enterprise duo any vinyl-related test you can think of and it will come up trumps. Origin Live's turntable and arm combination is an outstanding and natural pairing, and comes highly recommended.  - Alan Sircon, HiFi+ (read the review)

*****  5 out of 5 Stars "We can't recommend this Origin Live deck highly enough: it has the power to stop a herd of wildebeest with its authority - yet it can also bring a grown man to his knees in tears..." - What Hi-Fi Magazine (read the review)

Sovereign awarded "best analogue product" in Italy by "Fedeltà del Suono" magazine "This is a high end turntable/arm combination that flies close to the ultimate in terms of performance level.... the Sovereign sits at the pinnacle of current turntable production unless you pay crazy money. As for the [Illustrious] arm, all I can say is, 'superb and well done.'"  - Bebo Moroni-Fedelt, del Suono magazine (read the review)  

"An astounding table that always performs to the highest levels and in the most balanced, musical way possible. Even when compared against benchmark tables at double the price it's always beautifully compelling and fully competitive. What more can you ask?" - Jay, Audio Revelation

We can't resist also adding this phenomenal Resolution review:

"Resolution" Review

"The Resolution Mk3 and Illustrious tonearm produce the kind of sonics that make you want to keep listening record after record... it works brilliantly, is well built and the price is right. I hope you get my drift: this is one of the truly special products I've reviewed over the past 27 years, regardless of price."  - Michael Fremer, Analog Planet (read the review)



Origin Live Sovereign MK3-2 Turntable

The Origin Live Sovereign MK3 Turntable incorporates the latest thinking to produce one of the highest performing turntables available, regardless of price or reputation. The deck is a non-suspended sub-chassis design built with the highest grade materials to the highest design tolerances.

The award-winning Sovereign deck is a favorite of many audio experts, and is owned by hi-fi magazine editors and reviewers alike. The MK3-2 version introduces a complex, multilayer platter designed to dissipate energy in the most effective manner possible, and boasts improved decoupling of the main bearing and armboard.

Fabulous Style

The Sovereign is a visually arresting turntable, beautifully hand finished with a polished black plinth and chrome support pods.


High Grade Parts - High mass plinth using low resonance sandwich construction increases bass performance and overall definition - Triple plinth decoupling helps isolate the deck from its surroundings - Platter decoupled from the bearing with an acoustically inert sub-platter - High tolerance bearing for extremely low noise, low friction rotation and high stability - Ultra rigid subchassis with unique centre point support and damping devices - Specially damped, high mass motor housing   New, Improved MK3.2 version! –  Complex multi-layer, low resonance, composite heavy platter designed for superior dissipation of energy and rotational stability. –  DC 300 motor that runs significantly smoother and with higher torque than any of the dozens of motors previously used or tested. This allows greater resolution and pitch stability while simultaneously delivering greater dynamics, pace and bass slam. – Balanced Power Transformer for greater sense of effortlessness and ease with every musical performance.

  Power supply Sovereign's load-compensating power supply is the culmination of work done over several decades, and is designed to feed clean power to the motor across a wide range of temperatures. It uses highly sophisticated circuitry, higher grade components and a top quality transformer. Speed control is switched electronically between 33 rpm and 45 rpm. Setting up Thanks to its unique design, it is simple to set up for years of fuss-free performance. VTA arm adjustment is convenient and precise.

Dual Armboard version available (extra charge).

Flexible arm fitting - The Origin Live Sovereign Turntable can readily accomodate most arms such as SME, Rega, Graham and more.


  • Dimensions: 17.75" wide x 15" deep x 6.3" high (450mm wide, 380mm deep, 160mm high)
  • Weight: 70 lbs (32kg)
  • 3 year warranty
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