ORIGIN LIVE ULTRA DC Turntable Motor KIT, OUTSTANDINGORIGIN LIVE ULTRA DC Turntable Motor KIT,  OUTSTANDING UPGRADE / For Your Analog Rig. FREE SHIPPING!GET A FASTER RESPONSE! It's easier if you email directly to jay "at" audiorevelation.com rather than thru the Audiogon system. We are a VERIFIED AUDIOGON DEALER and pay a fixed monthly fee and the...1345.00


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GET A FASTER RESPONSE! It's easier if you email directly to jay "at" audiorevelation.com rather than thru the Audiogon system. We are a VERIFIED AUDIOGON DEALER and pay a fixed monthly fee and therefore no commissions on sales. Thanks in advance!

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Let your Linn, Oracle, VPI, Michell, Well Tempered, Nottingham & Rega play their BEST! (And virtually every other deck)

Ultra Controller with advanced parts quality

The Origin Live DC Turntable Motor Kit is a major upgrade for virtually any table and is usually very easy to install: Just swap out your motor and plug in the transformer and regulator and BAM - you'll dramatically improve your deck.

Silver model above is the Advanced Speed Regulator, Black (below) is the Ultra with enhanced circuitry and improved components. Both are the same compact size and feature: Off/33/45 selector and convenient, precision motor pitch controls in back. Kits come complete with Regulator, Transformer and Motor - see pricing & options at bottom of page.

Far less expensive than options from Linn and Michell, the Origin Kit provides the highest sonic improvements with over a thousand highly satisfied users and tons of great reviews.


"I would encourage the thousands of Linn LP12 (works as well with most decks) owners to take a look ... the OL kit makes good sense. Based on the value of the parts and ideas it offers decent value for the money … but considered with its pricier competition, its value is nothing short of tremendous."
- Listener Magazine, Art Dudley

"I confirmed just how musical the set up was. The turntable was extracting detail with such clarity … with seldom-experienced feeling of wanting to hear the entire record collection afresh ... weeks later the dc-motor is still in place and I have about 150 records to go!"
- TNT Magazine, Steve Davey

"The single most important upgrade you can make concerns the motor drive... nothing can prepare you for the shock of going DC. In a word, gobsmacking."
- Common Ground Magazine

"The difference the kit made to sound quality was remarkable."
- Hi-Fi News magazine comparison to the Linn Lingo

"You will not be prepared for the difference the DC motor makes, or the magnitude of improvements made by swapping the partnering switch boxes and mains transformers. The Ultra box brought even more control, the bigger transformer then adding still more sound-stage depth, separation and apparent dynamic range. Now there was more expression, more graceful phrasing by the musicians, and the bass was still more extended, good though the basic combination had been."
- Classic Record Review

"If you are thinking of upgrading your system, investing around 400 Euros in the Origin Live DC-motor kit should be high on your list for consideration."
- TNT Audio

100% money-back if you aren't thrilled with the improvement!


Origin Live DC Turntable Motor Kit

No one would blame you for being skeptical of an easy to fit, modestly priced DC motor upgrade. Especially one that improves greatly on the best of other power supplies costing over 4 times as much. It's difficult to imagine the level of improvement attained by eliminating motor vibration that your Hi-Fi then amplifies 8,000 times. Don't give up on your old table too quickly when for a modest amount you can utterly transform it.

Ultra Controller with enhanced parts quality

The Origin Live DC Turntable Motor Kit upgrade has been successfully fitted to the majority of turntable models such as Linn (Valhalla, Lingo), Roksan, Pink Triangle, Rega, Thorens, VPI, Michell, Heybrook, Opus, Oracle, Well Tempered, Acoustic Research, Systemdek and many more - see list of tables that have been fitted here!

No matter how advanced your existing power supply/motor, the result of adding the Origin Live DC Turntable Motor Kit upgrade has surprised and delighted thousands of owners. It simply produces massive improvements to all aspects of sonic performance. For over six years, these drive systems have been fitted to practically every deck ever built with spectacular results - it is extremely well thought out and highly refined. The performance value to your system is one investment you'll be thrilled with for years to come.

Why an Origin Live DC Turntable Motor Kit is better You may be asking yourself what makes the Origin Live dc turntable motor kit special? Surely the designer of any turntable, installs a drive system fit for purpose. This question deserves an explanation. Many designs are well thought out, and executed with meticulous care, however there are reasons why a good design can be let down by the motor and power supply.

•Low vibration, Ironless core dc motors were not available when many older decks were designed
•Most turntable designers are mechanically oriented whereas motors demand electronics expertise.
•Even with electronics expertise, motors are a highly specialist area and the range of choice is vast.
•The expense of proper research is unviable, or not thought to be worthwhile by most companies.
•The cost of high quality motors is prohibitive on many decks.
• Simply refining the supply to an existing AC motor has been found ineffective in comparison to changing to a well designed DC motor. This is due to the inherent vabration caused by an AC current - although in theory AC should be able to perfrom well, the practice is very different due to complex technical reasons. It is impossible to imagine the level of improvement attained by this kit which replaces the weakest link in your record deck - the AC motor.

Note: latest pulleys are a highly specified plastic that provide improved sound quality.

Optional motor pod, customized to any height

'Upgrade' transformer above

Complete DC turntable Motor and power supply kits The Motor kit upgrade comes complete with everything you need which includes Motor, mounting plate, pulley, Electronic switch box, all leads and connectors, Wall wart plug, strobe card for easy, accurate speed setting and instructions.

Summary of options which affect performance significantly Advanced Motor Kit - Extraordinarily high value for money, the circuitry on the advanced motor kit is far in advance of the Standard and includes such game changers as load compensation which means the deck has constant speed across the whole record. Much improved dynamics and clarity are another very obvious benefit.

Ultra Motor Kit
- A faster functioning circuit along with improved regulation and lower noise gives the Ultra significantly better performance than the Advanced kit. As well as improvements to the circuit, components are uprated and heat sinks installed.All this contributes to a more cohesive and musical sound with greater resolving power.

Upgrade Transformer
- Lowers impedance thus enablling higher instantaneous current to be delivered. This adds to every aspect of performance and in particular the sense of power and depth in the bass. The upgrade Transformer is more influential than the difference between the Advanced and Ultra electronic control boxes, so the Advanced plus Upgrade transformer outperforms just the Ultra and costs the same roughly. Of course the best of all worlds is the Ultra with upgrade transformer.

DC200 Motor
- All kits are supplied with the DC100 motor as standard, however the DC200 motor is offered as an option. DC200s are selected for their additional quietness from the best DC100s. Grading motors is a known proceedure among turntable manufacturers and motors with slightly less vibration are set aside for decks higher in the range.

Motor Drives Include:

•Fully built speed control / switch box with all leads and plug connectors.
•33rpm & 45rpm. (H x W x D) 50 x 110 x 180mm
•High grade DC motor with precision bored, electro plated pulley designed for flat and round belts. The motor is supplied with a motor plate adapter to enable fitting to your deck.
•Transformer for either 240/230V, 50Hz or 110V, 60 Hz mains supplies.
•Strobe card for easy and accurate speed setting.
•Fitting instructions: The upgrade motors and turntable power supplies are fully built, no soldering is required - they are literally plug and play. Installing the motor in your deck is usually a simple procedure with full instructions provided.


The Advanced Silver box regulator with wall-wart transformer (smaller, plugs into wall outlet like phone transformer) and DC 100 motor is $550 and offers a substantial upgrade for most any deck. Optional Origin designed Upgrade transformer is a very noticeable sonic improvement and adds $295 to make it $845. The Ultra Black box regulator is available for $800 including standard wall transformer and DC 100 motor. With the optional Origin designed Upgrade transformer the price is $1145. Substituting the superior DC 200 motor adds $200 with either kit. Note: (Upgrade transformer is a simple swap for standard so it can be ordered at anytime - or order both, decide and send back the one you don't want to keep - it's easy to compare them!)

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