Pear Audio BlueKid ThomasPear Audio Blue Kid Thomas TurntableAnnouncing Our Annual Demo Stock Sale All items marked as Demo have been used for demonstration at trade shows. This gear is in like new condition (unless otherwise marked) and typically has less ...7995.00

Pear Audio Blue Kid Thomas Turntable [Expired]

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Announcing Our Annual Demo Stock Sale All items marked as Demo have been used for demonstration at trade shows. This gear is in like new condition (unless otherwise marked) and typically has less than 200 hours of use. All items are are packed in the original factory packaging, include all accessories and and are represent great deals on current gear. All Demo gear includes the full factory warranty. We have one Demo Pear Audio Blue Kid Thomas turntable in natural finish available for immediate sale. This unit includes the excellent Pear Audio Blue Cornet 2 tonearm and Pear Audio Blue Regulated Power Supply. Cosmetically, the unit is in like new condition and plays perfectly. We have used this turntable at recent audio shows and reviewers, audio press and attendees have raved about the look and performance of this turntable. The Pear Audio Blue Kid Thomas and Cornet 2 tonearm have both received Stereophile's coveted Class A rating, and are in fact the least expensive products in their categories to receive this honor. The Kid Thomas is the ultimate result of the late Tom Fletcher's turntable designs, as executed by his friend and fellow turntable guru Peter Mezek. The sound of the Kid Thomas turntable can be characterized by the terms smooth, stable, musical and quiet. The brilliant double plinth design, use of specially selected wood and freestanding motor effectively eliminates crossover noise and vibration between the platter bearing and tonearm, resulting in a jet black background. The Kid Thomas is, in all respects, the finest turntable I have ever been privileged to offer for sale. Please note that the cartridge shown in the photos is not included. We are happy to discuss your cartridge needs and recommend the best cartridge that fits your budget. *FREE SHIPPING* in the continental U.S (at my listed price only) As reviewed by Art Dudley in Stereophile: ...the Pear Analogue Kid Thomas turntable and Cornet 2 tonearm produced a rich, expansive midrange and a smooth, neutral tonal balance. The phrase rich and creamy came to mind. that midrange was something special, with black backgrounds and tape-like musical flow and drive. With no hard edges sticking out and no obvious faults, the combo's sins were of omission, and made for a smooth musical ride. A review by Andre Jennings in The Absolute Sound: Regardless of which cartridge was mounted on the tonearm, music never ventured into aggression, never lost drive, and never lost macro-dynamic impact. The soundstage was always wide and deep with the degree of saturation dependent of the cartridge installed at the time. The noise floor remained subjectively low—a trait not often found to this degree on sub-$10,000 ’tables. With either cartridge, it didn’t matter if the music played was jazz, classic rock, heavy metal, hip-hop, folk, blues, or classical. Whether solo piano or orchestral crescendos, the ’table performed with the same fundamental sonic character. Audio Distinction is located in Southern California and is an authorized dealer for several great audio brands. Please see our website at for more information. *Local sales (Southern California) will include delivery and setup*
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