Pro-JectXtension 9 EvolutionPro-Ject Xtension 9 Evolution beautiful soundFor Sale: Pro-Ject Xtension 9 Evolution audiophile turntable -- no cartridge. This is a very impressive turntable, both in construction and performance. The turntable weighs in at 16 kg and the p...1200.00

Pro-Ject Xtension 9 Evolution beautiful sound [Expired]

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For Sale: Pro-Ject Xtension 9 Evolution audiophile turntable -- no cartridge.  This is a very impressive turntable, both in construction and performance.  The turntable weighs in at 16 kg and the platter at 5.4 kg, and features the "9cc Evolution" tonearm, built-in "Speed Box" (which provided highly accurate speed control and allows for electronic speed change), and factory-calibrated magnetic-suspension feet (which cost $300 separately). The turntable is functionally perfect.  Unfortunately, the turntable has suffered some cosmetic damage which is, all in all, quite minimal and in no way affects performance.  First, there is a dent on the rear corner of the plinth -- see photos.  The dent is quite obvious if looked at from behind, but it is barely noticeable from the front (which is where you'd normally be, right?).  The purely cosmetic damage could be further hidden, I think, with a little high gloss hobby paint and/or wood filler, but I'm not confident enough to undertake the task -- and for me it has been "out of sight out of mind."  Second, the tonearm lift was repaired -- see photo.  The bar the tonearm rests on was cracked and not completely level.  I repaired it with superglue and it appears as good as new.  [I am the second owner of this turntable, and the damage occurred due to less than stellar packaging by the previous owner.  The heavy record puck was packed resting against the rear corner without adequate padding in between, so it got squashed up against the corner of the plinth.  And it appears that the tonearm rest was forced into the up position for shipment which put too much pressure on it.]  There are a few other very minor signs of use.  I have rated the unit a 6 / 10 because of the dent (as opposed to scratches, which could warrant a 7 or 8), but I'd say it is in very good condition overall.  At any rate, I have discounted the asking price $250 from what I would have been asking for an otherwise excellent-condition, current-model turntable.  [The turntable retails for $2500.]  So if you are more interested in sound than appearance, this might be your golden opportunity.  P.S.: Does NOT include any cartridge.

The turntable includes the power supply (with three adapters), four different counter-weights, heavy-weight record puck, Pro-Ject 5P-CC "Connect It" phono interconnect cable (not in photo), belt, anti-skating weight, 45 adapter, white gloves, owner's manual, and a few other accessories -- see photo.  The turntable will be carefully bubble-wrapped, double-boxed, and fully insured for safe delivery.  The main unit will be packaged separately (though likely in the same outer box) from the platter and all accessories, so no more parts banging against one another.  Because this turntable is both delicate and very heavy, I am not accepting returns on this item, except in the event of some sort of shipping catastrophe, heaven forbid.  I am asking $50 shipping -- it will likely cost more than that, but that's all I will charge you.  If shipping is less than $50, or if local pick-up can be arranged, I will of course refund you the difference.  If you have any questions, please ask.  Thanks for looking and happy listening.
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