SOTA NOVA VACUUM TABLE w/ORIGIN LIVE ILLUSTRIOUS ARM, Interested? For a faster response, PLEASE email us directly by CLICKING HERE. SOTA Nova Turntable - No compromises, just pleasure. Package deal on preowned SOTA Nova vacuum turntable and Origi...3690.00


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Interested? For a faster response, PLEASE email us directly by CLICKING HERE.

SOTA Nova Turntable - No compromises, just pleasure.

Package deal on preowned SOTA Nova vacuum turntable and Origin Live Illustrious MK1 tonearm.  

SOTA Nova turntable in Cherry finish with outboard vacuum power supply & Origin Live Illustrious tonearm. Optional cartridge not included.

Customer trade, package included Series V Sota Nova vacuum turntable AND Origin Live Illustrious MK1 tonearm. Table and arm were purchased from us approx. 5 years ago, one owner, 8/10 condition due to age and some small marks on wood finish of turntable and on counterweight of tonearm.

The Nova table has been completely gone over by the Sota factory and has a brand new bearing installed as well as resealing the vacuum lip assembly.  The table will ship to you directly from Sota. The Illustrious arm was also sent back to Origin Live for a bearing overhaul.  Both table and arm are now "factory fresh" in perfect operating condition and we offer a 6 month warranty on both.

I set up and listened to this table for several weeks and was extremely impressed with the synergy of this Sota/Origin Live pairing. This combo produces rock solid images with dynamic pacing, beautiful timbres creating an extremely engaging and enjoyable musical presentation.

Notes: table/arm combo does not include a dust cover or a cartridge. Power supply currently configured for 110-120V. Sota can convert to 220-240V for a $120 charge.

Audio Revelation an authorized dealer for both SOTA and Origin Live with many models on display and ready for audition. 

Origin Live Illustrious MK1 tonearm mounted on
Sota Nova vacuum turntable

Testimonials (on all Sota tables)

"... this new Cosmos is technically refined, beautiful to see and use, and performs spectacularly. I don't plan to make the same mistake again by selling my Sota. This one may be the last turntable I own." - Jerry Seigel, 10audio 10/10 LPs 

"The SOTAs are the only suspended turntables that are absolutely, unconditionally stable over time, a statement I make from personal experience."
- Paul Seydor, The Absolute Sound Note: Paul has been using the Sota Cosmos as his reference table for a very long time in reviewing some of the worlds finest gear. 

"SOTA is one of those companies that has been making wonderful products for so long it's easy to overlook them in the hoopla of "the next best thing". I rediscovered SOTA in 2004 and fell in love soon after getting my Sapphire - a full of life sound that is positively satisfying.

You won't find a more sensible, high value / performance table for your LP's - including any of seven other table brands I sell! Classically designed with fully modern results, consider SOTA for your next turntable."
- Jay, Audio Revelation



  • Floating Seismic Platform Suspension with 22 lb. Balanced Sub-Chassis Hung from Four Point Spring Suspension System
  • Internally Damped, Multi-layer 14 - 15 lb. Platter
  • Inverted Bearing Design with Sapphire Thrust Plate and Zirconium bearing
  • Self-Sensing Vacuum Hold-Down with Reflex Clamp, the "Ultimate Record Clamping System
  • COSMOS Vinyl-Format Mat
  • "Bolt-Through", Multi-Layer Armboard Block Mounting
  • Electronic Flywheel Ultra-Regulated, High-Speed Power Supply for Motor System
  • High-Efficiency A/C Motor with Double-Regulated, Synthesized Sine-Wave Drive and Balanced Pulley
  • Electronic Speed Control and Speed Change

Turntables must control every issue that affects performance in order to faithfully reproduce what's on the record. The basic goal, maximum information retrieval, is one of controlling microscopic vibrations - a task that requires the utmost in engineering precision and comprehensive design.

All Sota precision tables accomplish the challenging task of controlling the forces within and from without the turntable such as vinyl resonance, acoustic vibration (from speakers) to impure power source thus allowing your tonearm/cartridge maximum performance.


  • Rumble: less than -60db unweighted (10cm/sec @ 1000Hz)
  • Wow & Flutter: less than .04% RMS
  • Suspension: tuned 4-point stretched-spring sub-chassis, 2.55 Hz frequency
  • Platter: individually balanced 14 lb one-piece cast platter with internal damping, lead flywheel ring, SOTA Vinyl-Format Platter Mat, molded silicone vacuum lip and anti-static Groove Damper mat
  • Vacuum System: electronic-sensing, provides LP clamping vacuum pressure of 3.0 Hg. +/- 0.2 Hg
  • Shaft: hardened steel, hand matched to sintered bronze sleeves
  • Motor: high-efficiency A/C motor with double-regulated, synthesized sine-wave drive and balanced pulley; electronic flywheel with ultra-regulated, high-speed power supply for motor system
  • Bearing: thrust pad; polished sapphire disc; thrust point: hardened zirconium ball bearing
  • Transmission: belt driven
  • Speeds: 33-1/3 and 45 RPM, electronically switchable with fine tuning
  • Weight: 44 lb (20 kg) turntable only; 10 lb (9 kg) pump unit
  • Dimensions: 7-1/2" H (to top of dust cover), 20-1/4" W, 16-1/2" D

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