SotaSeries V StarSota Series V Star VacuumSota Series V Star Vacuum Turntable circa 2008. American Cherry finish.This is a one owner turntable from a non-smoking, pet free, adult household.This sale is for the turntable, vacuum pump and a...3200.00

Sota Series V Star Vacuum [Expired]

no longer for sale

Sota Series V Star Vacuum Turntable circa 2008.  American Cherry finish.

This is a one owner turntable from a non-smoking, pet free, adult household.

This sale is for the turntable, vacuum pump and associated tubing, Origin Live Silver Mkii tone-arm, Riggle VTAF, dust cover MINT protractor.  The dust cover has defects which are noted below.  

The turntable has low hours.  It has seen very little use over the last 3 or 4 years.  The finish is American Cherry.  It has the composite armboard drilled for the Origin Live Silver Mkii tonearm that is included in this sale.  

The table still holds a vacuum pretty well if everything is meticulously clean but, at 8 years of age some maintenance to the vacuum lip may be due.

I’ve included the belt, but it too is eight years old and could probably do with a refresh.

There are no dents, chips or scratches on the wooden surfaces of the table.

I’ll rate the table 8/10 for age and original fit/finish.  

The tone arm was purchased new through SOTA.  It is an Origin Live Silver MKii.  I rate the tonearm condition 8/10 just for age.

The dust cover originated from an earlier, model SOTA turntable.  The dust cover had condition issues prior to my owning. The rear, left corner of the dust cover has hole in it, the hole is about the size of a quarter but a bit more oblong in shape.  The rear right corner is has a vertical crack approximately an inch long extending from the bottom edge upward in the corner radius.  The lid also has some scuffs and scratches.  The lid hinges function well.   If you can live with the defects this lid does keep most dust off the surface of the platter.  

The dust cover I will rate at 3/10.  The defects are noticeable.

The pump has been located in a closet near the listening area and shows some signs of being bumped around a bit.  It doesn’t take much to dislodge this finish from the mdf so there are places where you can seen bare mdf on the pump/power supply.  If you plan on having it plain sight you may want to have it resprayed.

Included in this sale is a Mint Best Tractor for cartridge alignment for the Sota / Origin Live combination.

The turntable and will ship in the original SOTA packaging.  There is a little water staining on the packaging. The turntable was not in the packaging when the staining occurred.

The pump will wrapped in several inches of 1/2” bubble wrap and packaged in it’s original box.  

The  tonearm will ship securely packaged in new materials.

The mint loupe and light are NOT included.

There is NO clamp in this sale.

There is NO cartridge in this sale.

In the open dust cover photo, the light spot on the table surface is a reflection off the tonearm not a discoloration of the finish.

The entire sale will ship in 3 boxes.

Turntable                    21 x 25 x 13 tall @ 53#

Pump                         12 x 20 x 11 tall @ 13#

Tonearm / misc.        22 x 13 x 23 tall @ 13#                                     

Originating Zip Code:  60030.

I prefer local pick-up and am willing to drive a reasonable distance to make it easier to avoid shipping.  

I’ll do my best to answer questions within 24 hours.

Buyer pays for shipping.  

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