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Steve Blinn Designs Digital Stylus Force Gauge 1/100 gm accuracy [Expired]

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Our Digital Stylus Gauge was developed after numerous conversations with our customers. Complaints were being registered regarding the inaccuracy and the extremely fast battery drainage of a small digital stylus gauge that was being offered under various names by many different vendors. Also, high among complaints, was the concern that any decent gauge was absurdly overpriced.
Our gauge provides extremely precise and consistant readings and is accurate to 1/100th of a gram. It also offers superb battery life.
We welcome you to make a direct, feature by feature comparison, between our new precision ProScale Digital Stylus Force Gauge, and a well known high end gauge that sells for $250.00 on various websites and at high end brick and mortar Hi-Fi establishments in the U.S. and around the world.
We decided, just as we had with our equipment racks and amp stands, that we could make a heck of a lot more people happy if we bypassed the middle man and sold directly to the audiophile community (thereby cutting out about $100 of markup on the gauge). This would leave our customers with enough cash so they could pick up several of those super high quality audiophile recordings that they've been yearning for, but have been holding off buying.
As you might be aware, our original gauge received rave reviews from professionals as well as tons of glowing feedback from audiophiles on Audiogon.
Please click on the following link to read the review of our original gauge which appeared on the Polk Audio website. We include this strictly as a reference point for the quality and accuracy that our gauges have always represented.
Our new Digital Stylus Gauge offers significant improvements, even over our original gauge, in just about every area:
A beautiful, non-magnetic, aluminum weighing surface.
Accurate and repeatable readouts to 1/100th gram
Automatic re-calibration to 0.00 grams every time the gauge is switched on.
Only our gauge, comes with a small indentation in the measuring platform to eliminate any possibility of stylus slippage during the weighing process.
A fully automatic shut-off feature which prevents accidental battery drainage.
We include (Free of Charge) a 50 gram jeweler's calibration weight. You will have the ability, if you wish, to manually confirm that the calibration of your gauge is spot on.
Crafted in the U.S.A.
This is a bulletproof gauge.
It measures the tracking force of your stylus right AT the surface height of the record, not above it as many gauges do. Taking the measurement anywhere higher than the record's surface will give readings that can be off by as much as a full gram, resulting in a severe compromise to your cartridge's setup, poor performance and possible damage to your records and your stylus. When you consider that most manufacturers specify that their cartridge's tracking force setting be in the 2 gram range...that represents a huge discrepancy!
The Steve Blinn Designs Digital Stylus Force Gauge allows you to bring out the very best that your records have to offer. It is extremely accurate and measures in 1/100th gram increments. It has an easy to read blue backlit digital display and it gives consistent and repeatable readouts. Each scale is tested for accuracy and is calibrated, using precision jeweler's weights, prior to shipment.
FREE SHIPPING anywhere within the continental U.S.
(Just add $12 for shipping outside the continental U.S.)
PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CALL STEVE (917) 361-4701 OR EMAIL us 7 DAYS A WEEK, we are always available to answer your questions.
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