SystemdekIIXSystemdek IIX Bold RestorationThis restoration represents a complete transformation to the Appearance and the Performance of this classic turntable from the Scottish company.After a complete dis-assembly, all parts pertinent to...795.00

Systemdek IIX Bold Restoration [Expired]

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This restoration represents a complete transformation to the Appearance and the Performance of this classic turntable from the Scottish company.
After a complete dis-assembly, all parts pertinent to the turntables operation have been cleaned and lubricated before being re-assembled and installed. This includes the Spindle Bearing, the sub-platter, motor, suspension springs and the tonearm. The Plinth has been professionally re-finished and lacquered with several coats of lacquer and this is how achieved the high gloss piano black finish.

* The platter has been upgraded with a dead acoustic from WALKER CO,heavy rock solid one made from exotic wood.

*The turntable features a three point spring suspension system and is adjustable from the top of the turntable.

* Audiophile Grade power cable with High Grade MARINCO power jack has been installed with beautiful black braided

* Brand new belt has been installed .

* High quality two parts brass cones with adjustable spikes in nickel satin finish, installed at the bottom of plinth to enhance further the performance and add in the appearance of turntable,and the leveling of the turntable as well.

* The suspension has been improved and sounding reproduction is now more integrated provides , even cleaner more extended and articulate bass,wide open 3D images sounstage revealing midrange and clearer highs.

* The original dustcover is included in a very good condition.

* The turntable will come completed with a brand new MM ORTOFON cartridge , mounted and aligned professionally.The cartridge that appears in pictures is not included ,though upon your request, can be included with $200 extra ,its type is AUDIO TECHNICA REFERENCE TOP MODEL with LINEAR SHIBATA STYLUS very rare and the best MM cartridge ever built from the company.

* The goal has been achieved and guaranteed that this classic turntable now performs and looks at its best ever.With the suspended design ,the ultra quiet and accurate motor combined with the High Grade hardware that has been used to this Restoration ,will let you enjoy the High End performance which is usually associated with way more expensvive turntable systems.

* The turntable is meticulous well prepared and has been tested on every respect and you will be amazed from it's performance , nothing can come even close at this price range, even twice this price quarantee that. Make it yours and tell yourself about the quality of work and performance.

* One year warranty on all new parts.

* If you own a Thorens or any other quality brand TT and wanted to transform it, contact me for the arrangements.

* Upcoming Restorations TD-160 SUPER with SME III SERIES Tone arm ,TD-147 SUPER with GRACE 707 tone arm,TD-125 LIMITED EDITION BLACK TOP SME SERIES III and Outboard Motor .


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