TechnicsSL-1100ACTechnics SL-1100AC Classic Top End Technics.Hi audio buffs. For sale here is ONE cool high end classic by Technics. A fully complete SL-1100AC turntable with ED Saunders, Red Ed Cartridge. Check out the photos. I bought this turnta...325.00

Technics SL-1100AC Classic Top End Technics. [Expired]

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Hi audio buffs. For sale here is ONE cool high end classic by Technics. A fully complete SL-1100AC turntable with ED Saunders, Red Ed Cartridge. Check out the photos. I bought this turntable recently as I found it to be a cool industrial looking top end unit from the 1970's. I chose and bought a few turntables recently and with the eye of making a tough decision to keep only one. I have chosen another turntable over this one ONLY BECAUSE I have a nostalgic connection to the other one I'm keeping. That means this cool one, that is 100% properly working and complete is now being offered up for sale here. I'm not trying to make a buck but am reselling it for the same price that I paid for it $325.00. Not only is it a beefy and heavy turntable at near 30lbs it is versatile with its IMO pretty good EP-A110 Tonearm ( IMO better than some critics whine about) which lets you fully adjust for any cartridge you want including VTA. I found the Red Ed Cartridge works quite pleasantly on it. But it has a detachable head shell so you can easily swap out for another cartridge(s) if you like. Also if a vinyl buff feels they can tickity boo easy swap out the stock EP-A110 arm board (8 screws and two RCA connections to unplug and bingo its out). To then add any DIY arm board you may wish to make or have made for you to run most any after market arm you wish. I was going to do that with a Jelco SA-370H tonearm but again I have chosen to run with another turntable from the few I recently bought and tried and as such this project has stopped. The cosmetics of the turntable are superb for a 35 odd year old machine. I cleaned it up, including to spiff it up, contact cleaner on all pots and switches, they are all clean and noise free. I also polished the platter and chrome on the arm. The dust cover is only a 6/10 and has been wet sanded to get numerous scuffs out but I have yet to take it to its higher wet sanding finish. It's not busted or trashed but looks aged. It is a design at only SITS on the turntable and has no hinge set up as Technics made it. I just take it off when playing LP's. The optional neon strobe is included too and works perfectly. A small crack on one back foot was re-glued with quality Superglue and is hardly noticed. Feet are height adjustable for easy leveling too. I will include a nice set of shielded RCA cables. No they are NO MEGA BUCKS CABLES but ain't no freebie, cheapie stuff either. They are well shielded with firm RCA connectors and are about 6 ft long. Buyer can switch to whatever cables they wish though as the turntable facilitates for such with RCA female leads in back. SHIPPING WILL BE TO THE USA AND CANADA ONLY! Sorry any other folks shipping for such a large and heavy unit is too pricy and such. I also do not want to risk such a nice classic to the whims of overseas shipping. SHIPPING PRICES CHARGED FOR BUYER WILL BE; $35.00 for CANADA and $60.00 For the USA. It will be packed in a proper DOUBLE BOX ( large ) set up. I ACCEPT PAYPAL SALE IS FINAL. I'm not a business just a hi-fi buff who bought a few turntables to try and have now sold or with this one am selling off to keep only one. Buyer will get a 100% properly operating unit. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! THANKS FOR LOOKING
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