Technics Sp10Mk2 Next Generation by Artisan Fidelity Technics Sp10Mk2 Next Generation by  Artisan Fidelity  Quiet CoreDesigned without compromise for analog playback and developed for those whom have expressed an interest in a model which further extols the musicality of the highly respected Technics Sp10Mk2 drive...11895.00

Technics Sp10Mk2 Next Generation by Artisan Fidelity Quiet Core [Expired]

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Designed without compromise for analog playback and developed for those whom have expressed an interest in a model which further extols the musicality of the highly respected Technics Sp10Mk2 drive and motor platform. Displayed above is an example of our optimized 115lb. Next Generation design platform for the renowned Technics Sp10Mk2 direct drive transcription turntable.  After years of modification work, I am proud to announce this extraordinary model which features our latest proprietary precision machined Copper Gunmetal alloy/Aerospace grade precision CNC milled aluminum main platter with internal damping provisions and integral proprietary Quiet Core active bearing drain technology for absolute dead silent inky black backgrounds. The powerful direct drive DC based motor is firmly mechanically coupled using a proprietary austenitic steel periphery ring.  This new design platform allows for even greater focus over conventional offerings, increased resolution and even lower overall noise floor. This latest or next generation design as a whole, characteristically is highly resolving and spot on in the areas of dynamics and neutrality, narrowing the gap even yet further between the Mk2 and coveted Mk3 Sp10 offerings.  By eliminating the inferior resonant, hollow stock Technics factory Sp10Mk2 chassis and creating a direct coupled, intimate mechanically mounted motor/bearing/plinth/bearing drain physical relationship, the inherent pitfalls of this platform dissolve transforming the Sp10Mk2 into a ultra focused, speed precise, resolving and dynamic playback instrument.

Many analog enthusiasts own factory stock Technics Sp10Mk2's, however, until one has personally heard a Technics Sp10Mk2 Next Generation design, you simply have no idea the playback potential this motor and drive platform possesses.  For a "live" Sp10Mk2NG  demonstration, please contact us directly, as this unit is currently on display at our dealers showroom in Florida.    

Model pictured finished in factory Mercedes Benz Obsidian Black (Ortofon AS309S 12" tonearm not included*).

Design features directly coupled mass loaded Panzerholz plinth with zero internal voids plus integral active Quiet Core shielded bearing drain technology. Constrained layer damped plinth features four levels of overlaying substratum consisting of German engineered Panzerholz, select low density woods in conjunction with anti magnetic metals permanently bonded and sealed together using synthetic material specific permanent bonding agents. Essentially, this aids in forming a non-resonant yet stable platform which has the ability to sustain decades of consistent use. Active isolation technology is employed through the use of Stillpoints Ultra SS patented vibration devices which enables even greater levels of focus, air and space around instruments and vocals within the soundstage. This isolation technology is further employed internally, at the core, to further lower unwanted residual bearing vibrations. Micro polish and oil re-lubrication service provided on the main bearing assembly. Technics factory speed control and logic circuits are located in a dedicated outboard shielded and damped aluminum chassis (not shown). A fully shielded quick disconnect style control cable connects the logic controller to the separately housed motor and bearing assembly. The factory Technics SH-10E power supply (not shown) remains housed in the factory chassis and features a comprehensive rebuild and scope bench test includes 2 year warranty provided from date of purchase against defects. The turntable, bearing, motor and logic/control boards are all grounded from a common and defeatable ground located at the rear of the outboard controller chassis. In the event one should wish to revert the Technics Sp10Mk2 or Mk3 turntable back to the integrated factory chassis, this is entirely possible.

Electronics service performed by the reknowned Soren Wittrup, Chicagoland based certified electronics technician with decades of advanced military and civilian technical engineering in addition years of professional recording industry experience endorsed by the famous studio engineer John Klett. Technical service includes: Phase tracking timing bench test, Frequency and reference oscillator motor level calibration, Master Clock Crystal and axillary main board inspection, Power supply voltage and rails adjusted and scope checked and removal of factory brake mechanism, bearing thrust pad / housing inspection, cavity flush / oil re-lubricated, spindle residue removal micro polished and fully lubricated prior to delivery.

Entire packages readily available which include tonearm and/or cartridge combinations.
Plinth design compatibility for 9" and 12" tonearm configuration, single and double arm configurations available.

Safe shipping is a high priority of ours and one we take seriously. We securely crate and pack our hand crafted turntables to ensure safe shipping anywhere in the world. ISPM-15 certified international shipping crates supplied for international and domestic orders.

Our precision hand crafted plinths are warrantied for one full year from date of purchase.

*Please note classified ad for display purposes only, please inquire for current build/lead times.  Technics SH10e power supply, shielded umbilical cable and outboard Logic Controller chassis included but not shown.

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