ThorensTD-124 mkIIThorens TD-124 mkIIClassic turntable with New Mushrooms and Thrust Bearing Kit This thrust bearing kit consists of an 8mm thick bronze cap, a solid Torlon thrust pad, a Grade 5 Sapphire ball, gasket, and mounting...0.00

Thorens TD-124 mkII [Expired]

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Classic turntable with New Mushrooms and Thrust Bearing Kit

This thrust bearing kit consists of an 8mm thick bronze cap, a solid Torlon thrust pad,  a Grade 5 Sapphire ball,  gasket,  and mounting screws.    The  CNC machined bronze cap provides solid support for the weight of heavy TD124 platters, and is sized so that the serviced bearing assembly can be installed into the chassis as a whole, unlike other thrust bearing assemblies in which the bearing housing must be installed into the chassis first,  then the bearing lubricated and the thrust cap secured to the bearing housing while the housing is mounted in the chassis. 
This thrust bearing kit does not change the height of your platter,  meaning that your platter brake should still work as it is supposed to.
The bearing mechanics of this design utilize a Grade 5 Sapphire with a very high degree of sphericity and an extremely smooth surface, and a bearing grade Torlon pad that is a little over 6mm thick, just shy of 1/4",  so that it will not 'cup'  at all,  like the original Thorens design, minimizing the contact surface of the bearing, adding to longevity and speed stability.
The thrust pad is made from graphite filled Torlon, one of the most advanced engineering plastics available.  It is extremey hard, for a plastic, about 25% harder than Nylatron.  The Torlon pad is reversible, meaning that it can be turned upside down if/ when you service the bearing in the future.    This thick thrust pad is a huge advantage over the original thin plastic disc design which 'cups' under the weight of the platter, increasing the contact surface area.
Torlon and Sapphire make a great bearing interface. Sapphire is rated at '9' on the Mohs scale,   The original Thorens thrust ball at around 7.  Diamond is a '10' on the Mohs scale.  Silicon Nitride is an '8'.    The surface of these Sapphire balls is extremely smooth,  much smoother than the original steel thrust ball, helping to ensure a longer lasting bearing.
The original thrust bearing on your TD124 is a thin stamped plastic disc and a steel ball.   The original thin plastic disc thrust pad typically shows a significant dent, and wear corresponding with the captive thrust ball in the end of your TD124 main spindle bearing shaft.   The thin disc 'cups' due to the weight of the platter, increasing the wearing surface area of your thrust bearing, affecting speed stability.    
The original TD124 thrust bearing uses a thin pressed metal cap, which is often bent from the weight of the platter, usually from being 'bumped' in transport,  or, just from the platter weight over the course of 50 years.
The original steel ball usually shows a wear pattern caused by contaminants and wear particles embedding into the original thrust disc, and causing wear on the ball.
The provided gasket provides a leak free installation, ensuring the full potential for hydrodynamic operation in your TD124 bearing.

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