ThorensTD-124Thorens TD-124 State of the Art - JUST REDUCED AGAIN !!!This is a Thorens TD 124 recently restored to state of the art condition by Greg Metz of STS Turntables. I purchased this unit late this past February and used it about 10 to 20 hours. It comes w...3600.00

Thorens TD-124 State of the Art - JUST REDUCED AGAIN !!! [Expired]

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This is a Thorens TD 124 recently restored to state of the art condition by Greg Metz of STS Turntables.  I purchased this unit late this past February and used it about 10 to 20 hours.  It comes with the vintage SME 3009 series II tone arm that Greg provided with the table as well as the Sure M75ED cartridge which remains untouched in the head shell provided.  I am also including a second original SME head shell which I briefly used for an MC Ortofon cartridge.  The plinth is made in Austria of MDF, the craftsman is Emmerich, and the company is DAS. In addition, I am including a custom dustcover I had made from 3/16" plexi glass by Vinh Vu of Ginko Audio.  Finally I am including a hardbound copy of the 288 page illustrated book  "Swiss Precision - The story of the Thorens TD124 and Other Classic Turntables" which I purchased directly from the author Joachim Bung.

A Little About the Restorer:

   STS TURNTABLES is a family run business centrally located in the heartland of the USA near Nashville Tennessee .

   They are committed to providing great customer service , assisting you in locating the parts to repair or upgrade your vintage turntable and also support after the sale .

   Their technician has 45 years of experience with electronics and mechanics , He is Swiss trained by original Thorens engineering staff in the proper techniques of Thorens turntable repair and restoration . Hundreds of Thorens Turntables have been restored or serviced in their shop . Thorens TD124 E50 motor service since 1960 .

   Specific procedures and guidelines are followed to maintain or restore each turntable. They produce the finest Thorens TD124s available anywhere in the world ! . 

This table has an upgraded motor suspension and the tables entire restoration was done with a focus on silence.  The motor pulley has been balanced and the step pulley vented and balanced., the idler is Greg's own design manufactured to his specifications with a special rubber compound to, again, emphasize silent running.  It has one of the quietest idlers ever made and equipped with a sintered bronze iolite bushing running on a polished shaft and using Teflon thrust washers - just super dead silent.  The desirable SME 3009 split weight tone arm is becoming hard to find and very expensive.  It is an early sixties model.  The arm board is quarried slate stone from PA.  Everything about this table is precise.  The plinth was custom made in Austria and has a bottom to it instead of open however it is not one of the closed in type that would overheat the motor.  There is space for cooling.

This is a very special, one of a kind, state of the art TD124.  If you have additional technical questions about the table I would be happy to answer them and if I cannot I will contact STS Turntables and get you an answer.

The main table chassis, platters, and tone arm are packed in separate boxes and then carefully put in to a single larger box for shipping as they were sent to me by STS.  The plinth is also double boxed in a second box for shipping and the custom dust cover and book "Swiss Precision" are double boxed in a third carton.  So three boxes total. 

I cover costs of shipping to you and will also cover the  PayPal fees.

Thanks for considering this purchase.

Al Scarcelli

P.S.  I am reluctantly selling this table as I recently retired and we now will be moving to a smaller home.  I have made the difficult decision to sell off all of my vinyl and CDs and am going strictly to digital files for the future.  Hope I don't regret it but space is at a premium now.

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