Thorens Td-125 SmeiiiLimited EditionThorens Td-125 Smeiii Limited Edition black top unique  restorationThis restoration represents a complete transformation to the Appearance and the Performance of this classic turntable from the legendary Thorens company.It is known as one of the best turntables in...1995.00

Thorens Td-125 Smeiii Limited Edition black top unique restoration [Expired]

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This restoration represents a complete transformation to the Appearance and the Performance of this classic turntable from the legendary Thorens company.It is known as one of the best turntables in the audio history, and has been modified to super status .
After a complete dis-assembly, all parts pertinent to the turntables operation have been cleaned and lubricated before being re-assembled and installed. This includes the Spindle Bearing, the sub-platter, motor, suspension springs and the tonearm. The top of turntable after completely has been stripped down ,was professionally painted using a three step process has been primed and painted with automotive paint then lacquered which gives it that beautiful black finish you can see in the pictures. The Plinth has been professionally re-finished with the same high Grade paint with several coats of lacquer and this is how achieved the high gloss piano black finish.

* The turntable has some nice features including adjustable speed control for 33 and 45 for accuracy in speed , two separated chassis , one is the main that holds the electronics and the second that holds the sub platter , outer platter ,the arm board and the three point spring suspension.

* State of the art tone-arm ,the world class known SME Series III has its own armboard and features a sophisticated design equipped with all the fine adjustments available for maximum accuracy and solid built with very good balance.According the company and reviews,one of the best tone-arms in the world.

* Main platter has been polished many stages by hand .

* Wiring of the tonearm goes directly to brand new VAMPIRE RCA jacks installed on the rear of the plinth,giving the flexibility to swap easily to various interconnects.

* Brand new belt has been installed .

* High quality brass cones in chrome finish, installed at the bottom of plinth with adjustable spikes for leveling adjustment and to improve even further the soundstage in all dimensions plus the clarity and the focus.

*MARINGO Power plug and Audiophile Grade power cord with nice black braded sleeving has been installed.

* The suspension has been improved and sounding reproduction is now more integrated provides , even cleaner more extended and articulate bass,wide open 3D images sounstage, revealing midrange and clearer highs.

*The goal has been achieved and guaranteed that this classic turntable now performs and looks at its best ever.With the suspended design ,the ultra quiet and accurate motor combined with the High Grade hardware that has been used to this Restoration ,can outperform way more expensive turntable systems,will let you enjoy the High End performance at it's best.

*The turntable has been meticulous well prepared , tested step by step and listened to the Reference system to get the maximum out of it .Give yourself a chance to experienced the turntable like never before and tell yourself about the quality of work and performance.

*Bottom line ,if you are looking for a REFERENCE turntable don't look any further ,this is top of the line in every respect.

* If you own a Thorens and you want to transform it contact me for the arrangements.

*Upcoming Restorations
Thorens TD-160 SUPER S with SME tone arm, TECHNICS SP-10 In suspended independently adjustable plinth with SME II Tone arm and GRADO PLATINUM cartridge , Thorens TD-166 MK II.

* One year warranty on all new parts

* Sincerely Spiros Vasilatos

* For questions 412.726.7059
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