Galibier DesignStelvio IIGalibier Design Stelvio II -- top-of-the-line turntable & extras & price drop!Feast your eyes (and ears!) on the Stelvio II turntable, the top-of-the-line creation from 'table wizard Thom Mackris of Galibier Design. I have thrilled to the sound of vinyl on this consummate '...13900.00

Galibier Design Stelvio II -- top-of-the-line turntable & extras & price drop! [Expired]

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Feast your eyes (and ears!) on the Stelvio II turntable, the top-of-the-line creation from 'table wizard Thom Mackris of Galibier Design.  I have thrilled to the sound of vinyl on this consummate 'table for the last few years.  Only the dreaded "upgrade bug" has led me to part with it now.  

Folks, this is a SUPREMELY high-resolution 'table. I've used it with several different tonearm and cartridges, and it's always easy to hear the differences.  

For example, I was using the latest Tri-Planar arm when Thom paid me a visit with the prototype of the (then-new) Durand Talea arm.  I put on a favorite recording of Mahler's Symphony No. 4, and it took me about 5 seconds to hear how the Talea conveyed the gorgeous tone colors of the woodwinds in a way that the Tri-Planar did not.   

Similarly, the differences between the Dynavector XV-1S cartridge and the Benz Micro LP cartridge were easy to hear.   

There are other examples, but you get the idea.  If you love the music in your grooves, you'll love the Stelvio II.        
Galibier 'tables are very rarely found on the used market -- because they are really, really good, and their owners hold on to them for many years.     

What makes a Stelvio II unique?  Here are just some of the primary components:    


*High torque motor enables use of wider pulley. *Wider pulley provides better belt traction. *Single motor, because if you couldn’t get it right with one, what makes you think you can get it right with two?    


It’s a simple, well executed design and manufactured to aerospace tolerances: 
*Tolerances so fine, that individual matching must be performed. *Large diameter (.800″) spindle for ultimate rigidity. *Self-damped by inner damping chamber.    


*Composite construction, incorporating aluminum, lead, oil, brass, and carbon fiber. *44 pound weight with a 17 pound inner brass layer *Internal damping chambers (lead and oil). *1/4″ thick, carbon fiber, TPI © top layer    


With the Stelvio-II, you’ll find arm mounts on sliding tracks with micro, fine-adjust pivot to spindle capability. *Pivot to spindle distance can be repeatably set to .001″ precision. *Adjusts on sliding tracks, with fine, vernier control. *All of the tonearm mounting flexibility of pivoting armboards, with the inherent stability of a fixed mount. *Option of using one or two tonearms.   


*Discourages moving your hand under the headshell – reducing the risk of cantilever damage. *Provides an anchor point for those who prefer to manually cue their records. *Movable, so you can position it properly for any length tonearm.    

The base has a complex matrix of damping channels which form a two-way vibration sink: protecting the bearing from stand- and shelf-borne vibration, and draining any spurious vibrations transmitted through the platter and into the bearing.    
The detailed owner's manual gives more particulars on each element of the system, from initial set-up to fine-tuning adjustments. Thom Mackris is not only a gentleman and a scholar, but he is also an exceptionally helpful and available resource for owners with questions.    
The fortunate buyer of this Stelvio II will be getting a completely up-to-date 'table that reflects all of the refinements and enhancements made at Galibier in the development of this product. He or she will also be getting the following "extras," which bring the estimated cost to replace everything to something right around $36K.         

*SRA custom isolation base for Galibier turntable
*two (2) Galibier armboards (drilled for Durand Talea and Telos tonearms, other arms can be accommodated  through arrangements with Galibier or other suppliers)  
*two (2) Mint Best protractors for cartridge alignment on Durand tonearms on Galibier 'tables  
*motor controller (front left corner in photos)    
*outboard AC power supply for motor controller (not shown) 
*BPT custom Litz power cable (not shown) for motor controller  
*front pillar (front right corner in photos)    
*extra graphite platter top
*ingenious high-precision digital step-down scale for measuring VTF at actual record height (not shown)
*2 new tape belts for drive system (not shown)  
 *tape splicing kit for making or adjusting tape belts (not shown)  
*bearing oil    
*Allen key   
*platter lifting strap  
*all original factory boxes & packing 
*detailed owner's manual with illustrations      

*Durand tonearms & ZYX cartridges shown in photos (that's it, everything else IS included!)

This 'table is in perfect shape operationally and it's also in very good shape cosmetically.   I've tried to post photos showing it in detail.  With digital photos, it's sometimes hard to tell what's a dust mite and what's a tiny scratch.  If you have any questions, just ask. Also check my 100% perfect feedback going back over 15 years at Audiogon.      

*My asking price is fair.  And I will consider *ALL* reasonable offers.*

PayPal is welcome and adds the usual small fee, and other payments methods are also welcome. 

Please Note:  Shipping will be at actual cost through the buyer's preferred method.   Local pick-up within a ~250-mile radius of the Washington, D.C. area may also be arranged at buyer's option!

Many thanks for looking!
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